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06 Nov

Oddly enough, this blog rather appeared in the search and as I read the contents, .. some people actually think and talk and had  the ability to express themselves..  How did I miss this? well it is two years old and there are so many blogs out there. 

The JB Mission

  • Arkansasmimi

    September 10, 2011 at 4:11 am

    Levi_Page Levi Page
    Timothy Holmseth aka @floodofnoah will be court ordered to appear in a Broward County, FL courtroom september 19th.
    18 hours ago
    Levi Page
    Levi_Page Levi Page
    Attorney Kim Picazio has been granted an emergency injunction for repeat violence against Haleigh Cummings conspiracy author @floodofnoah
    18 hours ago

  • HollysGmom

    Attorney subpoena’s investigator’s data and files on large list of HaLeigh Cummings witnesses

    East Grand Forks, MN, September 13, 2011: Kim Picazio, the former attorney of Crystal Sheffield served a subpoena today on her former private investigator William Staubs – a.k.a. Cobra and his girlfriend, Paula Andrews. Attorney Picazio scheduled Staubs for an emergency deposition. The subpoena specifically demands he turn over and all documents and data on a lengthy list of witnesses in the HaLeigh Cummings investigation. The list includes Donald Knop, Wayanne Kruger a.k.a. Rae Ann Klein, Art Harris, Jeremiah Regan, and Mary Lee. The subpoena was served under the auspices of an emergency domestic violence court hearing Attorney Picazio requested against Timothy Charles Holmseth., author of “In Re: HaLeigh Cummings (the shocking truth revealed). On September 8, Attorney Picazio served a 300 plus page petition for injunction to Holmseth at his home in Minnesota, only one day after the Florida Bar Association received Holmseth’s complaint against her. “If anyone needs a temporary injunction against threats of violence it’s her and her f—ing husband. Not this guy that’s two-thousand f—ing miles away,” Staubs said. The attorney’s former PI described watching Attorney Picazio telephone Holmseth on the phone while her husband, Mike Picazio, a convicted felon, took a gun out of a hiding place and talked about shooting Holmseth through the door of his home. “I spoke with special counsel at the Florida Bar today regarding Attorney Picazio’s behavior and retaliation against me,” Holmseth said.

  • HollysGmom

    HaLeigh attorney files motion against HaLeigh book author in Domestic Violence Court

    East Grand Forks, MN, September 12, 2011: A court hearing before a Broward County judge is scheduled for September 19, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. in Room 870, 201 South East 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On September 8, Attorney Kim Picazio, former attorney of Crystal Sheffield requested a protection order against Timothy Charles Holmseth, author, “In Re: HaLeigh Cummings (the shocking truth revealed)”. Notably, on September 6, the Florida Bar Association, Tallahassee received a 25-page Complaint against the attorney, which had been filed by Holmseth. Attorney Picazio states in her petition she is afraid for her safety and is requesting Holmseth turn over any firearms he owns to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. Holmseth has never met Attorney Picazio in person, lives in Minnesota, and has not been to Florida in 35 years. Eddie Boyle, Davie, Florida says public records prove Attorney Picazio’s husband, Michael Picazio, once telephoned the police and falsely reported Boyle, a business competitor, claimed he was going home to get a shot-gun and would be returning to murder everyone. Former HaLeigh private investigator William Staubs telephoned Holmseth today and graciously warned him to stay out of Florida. He said Michael Picazio had been making plans to have Holmseth shot through the door of his home. Holmseth placed his MOTION TO DISMISS in the U.S. Mail today.

  • HollysGmom

    I don’t know what she is talking about with that “repeat violence”. He has never threatened her with bodily harm only that he would expose her mis-deeds.

  • Arkansasmimi

    ya know HGM, that is a scary thing, cause of the “power” this PICAZIO feels she has.

  • HollysGmom

    You’re right Mimi! It is scary and not just because she thinks she’s entitled but because
    1) She’s gotten away with so much
    2) She has ruthless supporters.

    I hope William “Cobra” Staubs NAILS HER TOTHE WALL!! Everyone knows she’s the one who caused him so many problems and pain and I hope Karma shows just what a B!TCH she really is.

  • Arkansasmimi

    Wasnt SHE threating him and his family? I was thinking thats why he sent the thing to the Florida Bar. She is prob trying to cya because of he knows stuff on her

  • Arkansasmimi

    I have to read up on this case more. I just heard bits of the HC case (no cable) and KMiller is the one who lead me in the direction of HC, she has a theory that they are connected, and I have to totally agree, esp since so many players involved in both Caylee and HC case. Kmiller, thought that the lady Wayanne sounded like River Cruz and thought poss RC was an undercover person, but I googled the lady and she didnt look anything like RC, so we kinda let that part go…. whats your take on the 2?

  • HollysGmom

    Wayanne became an Advocate for Abused children after her own daughter was sexually abused. You are right, she and RC look nothing alike. LOL.

    Wayanne: (right)

    I am still interested in the “cross-overs” between these cases though.  Yes, she was having him threatened via her “supporters”.


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