Who can they fool..

06 Nov

I see the slimy serpent continues, trying to convince people of its integrity.. Problem is, it like radio never had a drop of integrity.. That its shown over the last 4 years as nothing more than an illusion.. and what this Anonymous poster on the scene.. Is this buddy and boy toy Levi come flying in to assist?

Point being, if this child had expired, only the person who was there and responsible would know this as a fact, and if this anonymous like levi and executioner continue to claim they know these issues as facts that places all three inanities as present, therefore are they responsible.. After all, PCSO continues to deem the child’s disappearance as an unknown abductor..

So, to have this knowledge they continue to bully people into believing, that the child is dead and disposed of.. One must ask all three posters are you one in the same? Are you responsible for this child’s disappearance? You apparently have knowledge of a criminal act upon a child that you have never disclosed your knowledge to law enforcement. So are YOU THE ABDUCTOR OF HALEIGH CUMMINGS? IF NOT, HOW DO YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE THAT SHE DIED THAT NIGHT? DO YOU KNOW WHERE TO LOCATE HER BODY IF THIS IS TRUE?

I told you executioner and radio before, your continued path in this direction will eventually bring the big guys to your doors asking questions, and you continue on this path. Therefore you need to tell the truth and stop trying to manipulate people thinking they are going to believe the tripe you put out. You continue to try to destroy other peoples character and it is a sure sign that your character is in question and needs serious mental health.. How many personalities to you want people to believe you have?

And as usual when you get drunk off your butt executioner, that’s when you and your alter personality radio make your most serious mistakes.. Especially the ones where you have to come back and delete. We get them.. everyone of them.. photocopied and even though you delete, there is always a copy lingering somewhere, even if its on someone else s hard-drive.

Now, people ask yourselves a question.. If by chance like many other children.. That Haleigh Cummings were found, alive and well. What would happen to the crazy’s like radio, executioner and levi? All of their credibility would be gone.. No one would ever want to hear anything they might try to convince people of.. Also, all especially the one calling itself anonymous, your buddies are pretty much gone and identified.. willingly which means your a copy made up by executioner and radio. We know your a fake, a clone. We also know that if there is any possibility that Michelle McKee or Prinnie are going to be sued by those from Ohio.. Guess who else is going to wear the mark on their back.. that’s right radio and with all of her ranting and ravings executioner..

And someone if they want you bad enough will get through to the whois in Panama.. After all it only takes an attorney in Panama to acquire the affidavit and have it served on the registrar. And it is going to happen.. So call that an illusion.


But know deep in your slimy sick heart if you can find a heart within that snake body.. its coming. It might seem a tad slow, but its coming. Think of it as something that intentionally crawls to make you wait, and make your fear show, and the trickle of sweat off your forehead. When you least expect it, it will be there in front of you, and your games will end and your real identity is going to be all over the internet.

So keep on bringing attention to yourselves.. Keep blasting people.. See how well it goes over. You are not exempt.. You are a cyber-stalker, you are a bully, and you are a harasser. In short you display your criminal behavior patterns daily. YOU SHOULD BE VERY AFRAID OF WHAT I KNOW, AND WHO I TALK WITH..

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