30 Sep

Well, radio, and you note you haven’t been rodeo since she stopped posting as the radio..

Happy as a lark that you are turning all of your little spill over to the FBI to figure out, doesn’t hurt my heart a bit.. They are more than welcome to come in and check out by blog.. anytime they want,  and while they are.. they get to check out everything on radionewz, cause your not dumb enough to think they would come and check one and not the other, and not cover every site that your radionewz lands on , or who talked about little ole me, or Ace.. The Official Ace..  They even get a change to look at the drafts I’ve made and never  posted, and a few little articles and emails not shown to the world..  You know, when a name is mentioned in any form of an investigation which you are asserting that is on its way..  That name is gonna be run on their computers and lets see how many times certain names bounce around..

Hey if  you haven’t turned the shit over to the FBI yet, I’m standing here supporting it a 100 percent.. go for it lune..  I’m waiting for them  to come visit..   You can give them my email address since all of you crazy’s have used it at one time or the other..  It hasn’t changed at all.

This is mcgreggorsback..  no ace talking.. just encase you don’t have enough common sense to tell the difference..  :@)    

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