Oh Nancy Grace has made the big time..

26 Sep

Now the question is, what idiot has been talking to Nancy Grace?  The same Idiot that encourage Nancy Grace to go on National TV and made the comment that Haleigh Cummings was brutally murder..   The point is only a few people set on the premise, since she wasn’t found.. she has to be dead….

Has anyone seen a poster, website or tv advertisement that says… Haleigh Cummings presumed Dead?    No, none of you have.. For those who want to believe this child is no longer alive, what in the hell do you get out of this?   I can imagine that there are some people who will benefit.. there always is..    But while the serpent with all of her slimy ego that boost..  Oh Nancy Grace said Haleigh was Dead..  Good luck on this..  I have no doubt, Nancy Grace is only going on a premise of getting a bit of attention.. Just like the Serpent does.. consistently..    Now, I would love to see the serpent and Nancy grace stand up, look Marie Griffis, Crystal Sheffield, and Teresa Neves in the eye and tell them, that Haleigh is dead!!   Want to to see this..  Serpent you think your better than those three women.. I think not..  I think your rather trashy compared to all three women.   And Nancy grace, is only in it for the numbers and the money, she doesn’t care if Haleigh is found or not..

Oddly enough, I still have faith that there will come a day, when a child by the name of Haleigh Cummings is found..  And the rest of you crazy’s  will have to stand up and explain, just how she managed to come back to life.   And while your waiting, why not contact the following agencies and explain to them how you and nancy have come to a conclusion about this child, that these agencies aren’t in agreement with..


Oddly enough, some people think they know more than Law Enforcement.. PCSO, FDLE, FBI.. Thats the crazy’s for you, and nancy grace has joined their group.

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