Ted Cruz takes Dr. Seuss To Congress

25 Sep

As part of the Congressional Record.. we now realize that Dr. Seuss,  has finally hit the  top of the Hill..    dr, Seuss

We were sure that Dr. Seuss had reached his all time importance when he was place not only in every child’s home, nursery, day care, library, made into cartoons, and played on the big screen as well as tv.  They actually made him into a Stamp..  stamp

But as of yesterday..  Our friend and mentor of critic phrases, and the all time Green Eggs and Ham.. is now part of the Congressional Record..   Shall we thank Ted Cruz for doing this or should we look at him and wonder if he by chance gets bored easy or has little to no imagination..   Course we see alot of that on the internet..

Rep Cruz has turned to  Dr. seuse goes to congress

Of course there is no better ending than a bit of humor to add to the Green Eggs and Ham..  Thank you ..


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