Their just going crazy..

22 Sep

Can’t stand it.. I must be in hiding because I went private.  Never dawned on them,  since I am BANNED from and they beat up on me constantly but hide it from me.. Which is exactly what it is, they blast, lie and make fun and hide their post and comments from me.. And turn around and are so concerned that i went private on twitter.

I knew that when I clicked that private button, they would begin..   so, here we go.. I’ll post all of my tweets for the last several days..  Of course the fools are going to have to obtain a good magnifying glass to read them.. After all I don’t really care if their readable or not..

But there is one particular post in there they might want to look for. Maybe  they might find it, maybe not..   Anyway, its Sunday evening..  And the Crazy’s can kiss my Ass!!  :@)






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