22 Sep

the fallacy

As usual, they set back and wait for me to return.. They just don’t quite get it.. I don’t have a reason to hide.. I go to private because .. I know it drives them crazy.. and I set back and wait.




Chess Rules
Learn the Rules of Chess and Rule the Board!
from Lasker’s Manual of Chess
by 2nd World Chess Champion Emanuel Lasker

“ChessCentral is where you can learn the official chess rules. Learning the chess game rules can lead to the better enjoyment of any chess game. You will find all the chess rules here so that you can begin to play chess games and rule the board!

Chess is a lot like poker. The biggest difference between poker and chess is that there is (almost) always one perfect move to make in chess while there are several decent moves in a poker game. If you watch the best poker players, you’ll see that their strength is in pretending to hold strong cards…with the right timing of course!

The chess game and its rules has a history that at all times has awakened interest but of which very little is known. We know some fables treating of the origin of the game, fables that are true to history only in so far as they lay the place of origin in Asia and the time of origin in a very distant past. Games similar to Chess have been discovered on Egyptian sculptures. Written documents, a thousand years old, referring to Chess, have been found. The game of Chess of those days was not, however, the game that we now know. No doubt, Chess has undergone many changes and who knows whether Draughts, or, more precisely, a game related to Draughts, was not a forefather of our Chess.

The European career of Chess began a thousand years ago. At that time it was an admired favorite in Spain, the game of the noble and the learned. In feudal castles and at the courts of princes it was cultivated; it was praised in artistic poems. For centuries it remained the aristocratic, noble, royal game, accessible only to a refined taste. Later, it penetrated through Italy and France, and at last it found a home wherever the foot of the white man trod.

Chess, as pointed out, has changed, but in its attire, in its forms only, by no means in its essence, its idea. That has remained unchanged all through the many centuries of its life. To discover this idea is therefore not difficult: at all times Chess has had the will, the intent, the meaning of picturing a war between two parties: a war of extinction, conducted according to rules, laws, in a cultured manner, yet without clemency. This becomes evident from the rules of the game almost at first sight.”

verb \ˈkal-kyə-ˌlāt\

: to find (a number, answer, etc.) by using mathematical processes

: to get a general idea about the value, size, or cost of (something)
Full Definition of CALCULATE
transitive verb
a : to determine by mathematical processes
b : to reckon by exercise of practical judgment : estimate
c : to solve or probe the meaning of : figure out 2
: to design or adapt for a purpose
a : to judge to be true or probable
b : intend
intransitive verb
a : to make a calculation
b : to forecast consequences
: count, rely
See calculate defined for English-language learners »
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Examples of CALCULATE

calculate the volume of a cylinder
I need to calculate how long it will take me to drive to Chicago.
We calculated the cost of new carpeting for the whole house.
We need to calculate our chances of success before we invest more money in the business.

Latin calculatus, past participle of calculare, from calculus pebble (used in reckoning), perhaps irregular diminutive of calc-, calx lime — more at chalk
First Known Use: 1570


Like no one knew exactly what Murt was doing with  those emails at all times..   I was counting on his sharing..   Thats why  I have stored  all the originals.


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