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I read the article earlier today that was written by .   I noted a great deal of similarity on other issues that have occurred to  other people over the last 3 years.  So, in that respect I wouldn’t necessarily look at this just being a hack from say anonymous..   If I were pops, I would keep my ears and eyes open.. cause someone is after him and he has no idea what or whom, or why?   You know when you walk on the same path with the crazy’s, you find the crazy’s turn on you..  guaranteed.. ask murt.    I left Pops a message to check on the blog later, to see what I’m about to write..   Pop’s ask yourself why these officers haven’t even considered that the call to their office was spoofed.. or maybe they don’t have enough info to look in that direction.  And yes those calls can be traced.. I found that out when they were going back and forth in 2010 – 2011.  As far as someones paypal being hit..  there’s another story that you might be interested in.. Occurred in Broward County, Florida about a month ago..  A young man who lives in that community, not only works for his parents, and owns his own internet business… Had his bank account hit.. They even made up checks in in his name on his account and wrote the checks to themselves as payroll..  The Owner of the account has never had a checkbook for the account, and the only reason he became aware of the occurrences,  a bank person called and mentioned the amounts.  In short, someone was ripping him off well, and how did they get to his bank account, or to even know where he might have had an account or what name it was  under.. someone had to do quite a bit of work..  When this is over I think they will find that was part of an inside bank job..    Next, I ask ,  had he thought about someone having long conversations with him and taping the conversations..  Somebody taped you pops.. now the question for you to figure out is who and why.. What did you do to piss off the beast?  My suggestion pops, change your phone number.. best to go with pay by minutes they can’t pull that info up..  and they do everything they can to find phone numbers,  and then don’t give anyone from radionewz or twitter or on the internet at all, your phone number.  You need to start thinking if they  would go this far with you, will they try to cause your family problems.. So you need to find law enforcement that listens to you, and not strangers to the community.

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I’m sure some of you have noticed I haven’t produced any articles on here in awhile. This is mostly because I’ve been extremely battling a small group of hacker (4 people) who has proceeded to DDoS my friends over and over and then hack into one of my friend’s paypal account and steal all of his money.

Last night, around 11 pm Central, the leader of this little group decided to call my local fire department and report a fire on the second floor at my address, I don’t have a second floor btw. They told my parents and I that it came from a blocked number. My brother has a friend that works at 911 dispatch that is working on pulling the 911 recording of this call for us.

My dad woke me up at about 6 am Central this morning and told me the cops were at the door and wanted to talk to me. I came face to face with 7 county deputies holding assault rifles. They explained that somebody called them saying that their were 3 armed men held up in the bathroom at my address. I explained the situation to them and I might as well have been speaking to a brick wall. The sergeant kept calling me a liar and saying I made the fake call. My dad kept saying that I was asleep when the call supposedly came in. One deputy pulled me aside, patted me down, and told me to tell him what’s going on. I explained to him and again, might as well been talking to a brick wall. He was on repeat, tell me the truth, we know you called, etc… What’s very odd is the fact that the 911 recording in this instance sounded just like me, I’m not quite sure how they got it to sound like me, but they did. The sergeant that was there said if they get another call for this house and it ends up being fake, then I’ll be placed under arrest and charged for all the fake calls.

So, here’s the deal. I’ll most likely be staying off of my laptop for a bit until I’m able to sort all of this out legally. I currently have the dude’s full dox that has been doing this and will be turning it all over to his local police department. Once all of this is finished, I will be back blogging on here. I will appear to comment on other articles from time to time. Until then, Adios.”

Back in the Summer and Fall of 2010, was the benefit to collect donations for one Lisa Croslin.  Radionewz was a point of notification, what needed to be done, whom to send the money too etc.    Lisa Croslin was in jail and projected to be placed on probation, but hubby was in jail, the kids scattered in other locations, from prison to divorce to living way  up north.. So Lisa was going to be found living on the streets in Putnam, with no money, no home, no clothes.. nothing.  And Lisa had two addictions, pills and drugs.  With these addictions it doesn’t project a decent lifestyle for anyone.   Well it occurred and Lisa was out and on the streets.  nursebeme, who is popular both on twitter and websleuths currently, she is an admin on ws..  she had acquired a friendship with Lisa and was concerned.  Now violations to probation would be if by chance she got drunk, got into trouble or fighting, and or using drugs.  And this would revoke her probation and she would return to jail.. standard – common sense thing.. And the reality is, knowing she had addictions to both, and she is on the street what the hell did people think she was going to do ?? People can’t even control their own kids addictions and habits, so how are they going to control hers?   Now, I know that Nurse tried to help Lisa, and Ladies from the Church, also Ger better known as Satsuma Legacy, did her very best to help lisa and brought her food.. there was talk of lisa living in a tent in a back yard, then into a hotel.. and then back to  jail..   In the midst,  Simon Barrett tried to tell the truth on issues with Lisa and boy was he attacked and brutalized..  Now wasn’t he girls..  I could post the allegations and hate images that are still all over the web.. can’t get rid of the past now can you?   Well the donations began to flow in..  One particular donator was known on radio forum and then on twitter as Traveler, and then as Astro.  Now Astro  lived on the east coast..  She was tight friends with the then radio who is the current radio,  gonna find out it does come and go..  Well traveler sent the sum of 6,000.00 for donation for lisa,  sent it in two 3,000.00 bank drafts.  After awhile with everything going on, traveler began to  wonder what had happened to her donations, and if Lisa was going back to  jail, the remainder not  given to Lisa was to be returned to  traveler.  So she made a fuss..  directed at the person the money was sent to.. in fact transferred right into this persons bank account.  Well enough of a fuss was made and a drop of donation was dumped on Lisa..  The full thing –  6,000.00.  Well the concept of dropping the full amount of money on a alcoholic druggie rather upset Traveler and a few other people in the community..  What would any one expect Lisa to be doing with that kind of money?

This was the time that traveler still though she was friends with radio and the  group in the forum..   And she was traveling from her home down close to Florida to pick up her grandson for a visit.  So she stopped in Anderson, SC at a local Motel.. She said as she drove into the parking lot area of the motel she had been on the phone with radio, so radio knew where she was staying for the night.   They hung up and traveler went inside the motel and registered.  She got to her room and began to settle in and the Clerk who checked her in contacted her by coming to her room and told her her phone was being locked.  And she ask why..  Seems that the local police department had received a phone call from  her phone number advising there was a gas leak at the motel. So, needless to say there was an discussion with both Law Enforcement  and Fire Department.. Ended up with Traveler having to leave the motel that night and checking into another motel.  Traveler had been spoofed…..   So did the Law Enforcement in Anderson, SC.

Now, over the last 3 years,  TH has had more than his share of spoofing,  lets see, calls from the huddle house, Baez office, FBI,  etc..  and Cobra 0h he’s had his share and he has tracked some back.. see Cobra has the man he knows..   And then there was the Spoofing of the Police Department in a little community of Broward County, Florida.  See, they called the dispatcher told them they were this woman and if I remember correct they were calling something off,  an appointment or contact with a Officer.. When the woman arrived to make contact with the Officer, she was told she made this call, and she responded with .. No I didn’t, I didn’t call you..

So, the pops..  its someone you know, someone who recorded you, and its someone who is not happy with you right now..  You either didn’t write something bad about TH, or you made the mistake of writing something nice about him.. Or you didn’t tear me apart..  your being punished..   Keep these stories in mind..   Word to the wise on any and all readers.. anyone associated with radionewz.. do not allow them your phone number.. keep it hidden.. don’t trust them into your personal lives..

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