Same Poster – Different look – Different Day

14 Sep

For the age of this poster you would actually wonder why they are still running around and acting like a  12 year old child who just loves to act out..  I’m not impressed, but going to put it out  on the open web.. You do realize there are people out there that look at what you post, and turn to each other and say.   Yea,  _redacted__ is after Mare again.. same ole stuff all over again..

In time its gonna bite the crazy in the ass.. Image

So this is what appeared this morning.. its the remake from the PedoTimmy,  this is the same one with little to no imagination..   Everything said about Peggy in the other article is true, this crazy with the fake twitters wants people to believe its lies.. why think about it..  Why are lies so important to that twitter crazy, because it covers up its ass..  How does this twitter crazy know so much about Peggy, like maybe you waz friends?   And we also know who it is  that calls me Mary, and it means  your drunk and trying to cover your ass. No putz, I didn’t have to sleep my way into anything.. I got where I was going by working my ass off.. Blood, Sweat and Tears.   Just because that’s your concept of how to succeed in the business world doesn’t mean others do it..  By the way,  I doubt that Hardy would sleep with Cone…  But, as a member of his staff from one agency t o another, he might well bring her along..  Your so stupid..  Do you think we should give you a STUPID AWARD FOR THE YEAR..   Stupid is as stupid does..   How dare I question Peggy’s competency??  Yea right.. Easily, and I and many other questions yours!!   Look at what you’ve done, you have placed a personal perception between you, peggy cone, myself and peggy and my comparison in law enforcement..  So how many posters or twitter posters would have that information, and there is only one poster on the internet who ever calls me Mary, or ever has.. and you and I both know who you are.. Your trapping yourself rather than trying to trap me.  You giving your identity away.   So, this one is on you.. your baby .. now you rock it..  Shall we keep this one for the next complaint filed?  good evidence.  And you know there are photo copies..


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