I Absolutely Admit Writing That Comment.

14 Sep

I heard I had written something that Radio used..   The way it was described in the title, didn’t sound like mine, but once I was sent a full copy of the article.. I readily admit that I made that comment..  And would do it again.  What I said was accurate.. And murt hasn’t changed one bit since that comment was posted..  So.. Yep.. I’m guilty of telling Murt Off.


McGreggorsBack Magnifies Murt’s Many Failures September 13, 2013 |  by Murt has failed at about everything he has ever attempted. He had a very fun cam service during the Caylee Anthony case and many enjoyed it, but he ruined it by lying and running scams in his chat rooms and forums, etc.! His members got tired of his begging for money and outed his scams over and over, yet he still denies he did any such thing – despite all of it being in black and white.

To this day his twitter profile reads:
New Media streaming. Live, on the move, mobile webcasts.

That’s all bullshit. He does nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just a big blowhard and a wannabe significant! He’s significant all right – as huge luzer in the Florida Transplants Luzer’s Club.!
Even though McGreggorsBack called him out as untrustworthy – he even tries to deny his publication of a Holmseth court document.

Now for the comments left behind, between radio and holly.. what would anyone suspect..   first of all we must remind holly and radio they have little to say about anything written on my blog or anywhere else.. at least what I put out is the truth.. what holly claims in life is a damn lie.  Now Holly who’s idea was it not to  pay taxes..  yours or hubbys?  Which one of you really found that video on Casey,  both make public claims, but the truth is.. neither one of you since in a bit of unison you stole the damn thing.. So who  are you to talk.. and radio where would murt have gotten all of his dirt to throw at Holly..  And Holly doesn’t know t hat he was supplied and that someone is playing both sides of the street here.. And you holly,  who were you talking to when radio was in trouble over pops?  So both of you.. Shove it..  Neither one of you know what truth its..

  1. The only question now is … Will she be recounting and admitting to the lies she helped Murt perpetrate about countless others?

    • I seriously doubt that. Her head is so far up her ass she can’t see anything but her own shit. That blog of hers is a fucking disaster. No one can understand anything she is trying to get across. It’s craziness on display at it’s worst.

      • I pretty much suspected she wouldnt. Tried to read her blog once.. got a raging headache. It was jibberish. I mean really, would it kill her to make ONE coherent sentence in the thing. Then all the talk of serpents? The fuk? Gave me nightmares

        • Yes, it’s crazy. She thinks she knows who is blogging here and she doesn’t know shit. I laugh my ass off at that serpent stuff. LMAO!! Her sleuthing is bizarre!! Never seen anything like it. SMH!!
          Executioner nails her every time and then she goes spazz!

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