14 Sep

Oddly enough, Murt seems to be passing some underlying issues on his twitter today, several I caught real fast and  think maybe there is someone else out there in twitter land that might  need to wake up.. and smell the coffee this fine Saturday Morning

This was Murt version this morning.. and it says alot..   oh goodness the one to start with..


Now Murt makes a comment about supporting TH..  In fact he states it in a way  that says, Okay, I’ve done what you wanted and I stop supporting Th, so why are you still picking on me?

Is this the same reason he went after TH?  So, who encouraged  him to do this, hey he listed names before.. got them on articles here ..   So, am I lead to believe that Murt was being pressured?   Was it by the same people?  What was he being threatened With??

So many questions..  Murt that comment opened a big door…. A door they cannot close…

The last one.. well you guys can make up your own minds, but I can advise one thing, guess whos back in the newz.


Two Broward lawyers charged in Scott Rothstein Ponzi scheme’

Now, its possible many of the readers really don’t know much about Scott Rothstein, well I didn’t either but the name was so familiar.. I kept thinking I know that name..  And where did I find it..   well found it in a response to a bar complaint from the fall of 2009.


So this for a long period of time was only a memory of a name of a firm..  Another issue was logged into the back of my brain.. A comment from Cobra, he repeated it several times to several people.. And I just wasn’t sure how his comment along with the consulting this Attorney would play out.. Didn’t make any sense until.. I found another form of media Article.  and I began to understand..  Cobra kept referring to a conversation he had with a man in Florida, and he said he had told the man.. “It violates the Corporate Veil.”

Timeline: Key dates in the life of attorney Scott Rothstein

“December 11, 2009|South Florida Sun-Sentinel

November 23: Rothstein’s tentacles extended into nearly 100 corporations and businesses, according to federal prosecutors, including a California software company and a Pembroke Pines nightclub, as well as equity interests in two banks, a chain of fancy restaurants, a luxury watch business, a mortgage company and an alternative biofuel company. according to new documents filed in federal bankruptcy court . The court documents listed more than $17 million in bank accounts, including $15 million in three Moroccan accounts aaccording to new documents filed in federal bankruptcy court”

  • alternative bio-fuel company =  ABT
  • = Corporation information

Now if any of you pull a search on Google for Top Lawyers Indicted, you might like to share and we will be happy to post your conclusions.  As long as you have documentation to prove what you want posted and provide the url and source.

Then Murt brought up the issue, of the multi faces of radio..  oh that has been a proven point..  And we have discussed that over and over.  No  the radio on art harris forum back in 2009 was one of several user names of a particular person.  That same person would establish the  radionewzblog in september 2009, close the blog later on, and then open up a forum which the owner use the name radio as the admin, but ran out of steam in late 2010 and gave up the lead to Altha Sood who would play reddios.. as reddios ran out of steam by late 2011,  Judy Fernando Sholes stepped into the picture as radio, ran the mess for a year and a half and then she too was gone like the wind and the owner of radionewz stepped back in, with assistance from pop.. doubtful that levi is on too much, he’s methods are too well known and shows up too easy.  So who is radionewz.. an owner of a website blog that will eventually disappear.  The need to keep this sites information hidden, is it protects the owner.. The owner is terrified to be identified knowing that the option of lawsuits against that website are overwhelming.  Also, identifying the owner will cause the own itself a wide-span banning across the web..  Law suits, and probably destroy its personal and professional life.  So, at this point even though the glass house is beginning to crack and crumble..  the owner hides.. cowardly..  but it doesn’t stop its boldness on twitter,  that’s only because it  hides its real face  Someone will get through.. Someone will identify the owner.. Someone will publish it.. and then the rest of them on the web will set back and decide what to do ..

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