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13 Sep

Now, how many of  you out there in twitter land or the blog world, are concerned with or know much about Peggy Cone.. Do you even know who she is?   My guess, only those who worked research in the Haleigh Case, or those who participated in the Group!! or CREW!! Lead by Who??


99% of those who know of her,  but don’t know any specifics other than her shoddy job at searching for Haleigh Cummings.   I always thought of it as lack of experience and lack of knowledge in the world of Law Enforcement.  After all you go from being a School cop at a high school in Putnam under School Police Chief Jeff Hardy, to Deputy with the dogs, to  detective status over night,  deemed missing persons detective.  My question has always been, how many people did she find?    So, Shoddy has always been my opinion as to the caliper of knowledge and experience. Image46-1 Haleigh deserved much more..  And cone had a problem becoming involved with elements she shouldn’t have..  How much pertinent info did Cone give out without realizing..   Another issue,  just after that Police Report on the Haleighbug Center was found,  Peggy announced her retirement.  Boom Boom.. Oddly enough this Police Report, was not in the computer, which means either it was never logged in or it was removed.. Either one is a violation of procedure and ethics.  Second, the report was not in the written file.. Where did they find it?  Thats a good question, but it was found and it did show controversy to other reports from that night.   Now, what confirmed the report existed.. was  the 911 call by Sarah Sheffield.. Only Sarah Sheffield, not anyone else made a 911 call for assistance.  And also the transport report of the victim, Crystal Sheffield to the clinic.   And in the transport report links to PCSO Deputies on scene.  So, once they obtained those reports they knew there was a police report , it was finding it they had problems with..  Of course we all know that with the 911 call leading to the dispatch of an officer,  would give the officers name, and a phone call to  that officer would lead to the details in that report, and questions that would come up..

crystal-sheffield-holds-baby-300x225   vigil2-14   HaLeigh Bug Center bilde   005-1     headquarters3

This next photo was taken about the 12 of March, 2009..  within just a week or so,  Wayanne would be put on a plane having a heart attack and sent back to Arizona.. Who helped her aboard,  John Regan and Cobra Staubs.  Oh by the way I was told in no uncertain terms that there was absolutely no relationship between Crystal and Jeremiah, and that if her Mother said that  there was in an email then she was lying!!!     Now my question in return, was cobra called on the phone and told to kick  the fing door in at the Haleighbug center?  Was it really on April 27th 2009 at 12:01am


Rather than stop and think the crazy’s just keep coming..  For some odd reason they seem to be digging a hole to crawl in to..   A number of incidences have occurred which makes me wonder if the crazy’s themselves are in crisis.  Just throwing the lies out as if they had good sense, and without realizing the stories are showing serious problems directed at themselves.  So, what is it that is driving this particular crazy over the edge?

I responded to this crazy after it showed up on my twitter..  you know how that goes its there and then its tossed into the trash where it belongs..



So.. question is how does this particular poster know anything about Peggy Cone?  How many posters do you know who claimed an association with Peggy, and involving the Haleigh case?   Funny, just as soon as she  retired???  PCSO hired an entire new crew of Detectives and  they were looking for a Live Missing Child..   Does that tell you anything.. such a dramatic change overnight in the case.   So, as the crazy’s keep on coming, they keep opening up the door, and the wider its opened the more info is going to come out..  Maybe this crazy wants to be exposed..

So, lets cover a few things.. This is the breathing nebulizer that was missing from Ron’s..   And next you get a view of Haleigh’s big Feet??  why her shoes were big enough to give to any older child,  and last  the Jennifer Townsend son and Grandchild while Jennifer was living in Colorado.. Think maybe Dad was in the nursing home..

Haleigh_Nebulizer    haleigh_myspacepicfrombringhaleighhomewithstripshirtmaybe-1    colorado

Now, take a little bit of time and explore the next two photos.. Taken in April 2010. The huge family gathering at PCSO.. Even John Merchand is standing there tapping his foot as he and Sarah have stare off.. And Marie, was that Pain, Anger or Embarrassment? Never figured it out.. but the emotion was quite high. And Crystal’s attorney was waiting inside for her to arrive.
ScreenShot008-5 ScreenShot007-6

I’ve seen Ron Cummings beat up quite a bit this past year or so.. and people who did their best to find out why he went to family court over a custody issue a year ago.. Apparently all they could find out was the location of the hearing, Brevard County, and that it involved Custody. The rest must have been sealed, so the snooper who was looking couldn’t obtain. That hearing action alone speaks volumes.

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