Executioners real fear..

12 Sep

The biggest fear that executioner has.. Is that I am a sober person, that I don’t have any bad habits.. Don’t drink, don’t smoke any longer, and never.. and I mean Never did drugs..  which goes from pot to pills..  Now, executioner don’t you wish that you could say this about yourself.   You don’t know me.. You don’t know anyone that has ever been in my home or around me in my life style.. But, I can guarantee you one thing, you will never have as good a life style as I do..   Because, mine is calm, and descent and not flooded with nasty problems or issues.  See you don’t need lots of money or possessions to have a good clean life style.. Eat your heart out serpent.

If we think your crazy now, wait till menopause steps in and makes you a raving maniac.  Think people think bad about you now.. just wait..  I can see it now, you come online to post and everyone else shuts down their computers.  Talk about your staying drunk.. you will keep those box wines handy.. now you don’t have any pot hidden in that bedroom closet do you?  You know one of these days when you and the espouse are slugging it out, the cops are gonna make it in there..   How do we know you slug it out.. its easy, look at how much time you spend on the web and not taking care of your family or house.. must be one nasty mess..

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