Case of the lying tongue..

12 Sep

What is this shit.. I’ve not posted any of Holly’s criminal Records, that was left up to those who found them.. No this one..  Try another lie..    Holly someone pulled your damn chain your stupid enough to fall for it.. I’ve made fun of you, and posted about  Hollys Follys, but your criminal records.. Nope.. Same fool that plays executioner on radionewz, and its lying, just like snakes are known to do..
So Holly take a chill pill and put your wordy self off in another direction.. cause its not this one you have to worry about.. Why not look  towards the ones who have been pulling peoples data and posting it all over the web..  By the way it I wanted to nail you with privy info  that I do have.. would have done it long ago.. but didn’t..  So you go find out who this fake anonymous is.. cause its making a fool out of you.. 

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