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11 Sep

Dumb-ass serpent, maybe you need to read the comments again..  I think you and the other crazys are just spinning around on your wheels.. Apparently you don’t get it.. No one gives a shit what you think or what you say..   So, the serpent has to mill back 4.5 years to  find something to bitch and moan about..  you really don’t have any material your just trying to stir shit up..  just crazy as a heart attack aren’t you..   Your really just a putz.   Needless to say, You really don’t want to get me started tonight..

Don’t you have something far more important to worry about right now.. 

mlee Says:

  1. This is absolutely outlandish… Why is the Dad not out searching for this child? The Law Enforcement may not want him next to their searches, but, If I were the parent of this child, no one would stop me from searching for her, no one. My time would be hers, and hers alone. Rings, trips, honeymoon? This girl he married was the last known person to see that child.. Doesn’t he get it? The last Known person. This is overwhelming. The man wants the public to focus on Haleigh instead of his personal life. I believe had he focused on Haleigh and her baby brother, Haleigh would still be safe at home. 

    mlee Says:

    I guess, I really wasn’t finished in what I had to say also.. I’m not a journalist, nor an attorney.. Just a Mom, Grandma and an old Cop. I will tell you point plank, this case does not make sense. At this point the Law Enforcement Officers, out in the areas around the home are not looking for a living child. It has gone far beyond that point. They may well have two varing search parties, one within the homes surrounding the trailor and working the incoming reports, the other is looking for remains.
    You have to ask yourselves, why this child, and why this home to enter with the intent to take a child. First they had to have known there were children in the home. Two, they had to know where the children were sleeping. Three, they had to know who would be home and who would not. Four, they had to know where the child’s clothing was to dress her. Five, they had to know the child would not be fearful of them, to wake her and take her out of the home, after dressing her. Without her crying and screaming. Now, stop and think..

  2. 17

    JoAnne Thomas Says:

    @Mlee: I couldn’t agree more. While initially not suspecting the dad, my hinky meter went off after calling many tattoo parlors and having them tell me that they have never done a picture tattoo of someone still living.

  3. mlee Says:

    @JoAnne, I never thought about that, but I will be very honest, it doesn’t appear to be a good likeness to Haleighs image, not at all. And I read that the Mother had a wedding planned and she has postponed her wedding, which I thought was very appropriate. I don’t think stones need to be cast at the Mom. If she had been involved in taking Haleigh. Had she been involved, she, Haleigh and the baby boy would be long gone. I have noticed the variance in stories about that night, can’t quite get the story straight. Within a few weeks, the real interrogations will begin. And I can assure everyone, they would not start requesting DNA from family members, unless they need confirmation. Also, the dogs never hit on anything but remains, never.. if they hit on something in that dumpster, even if nothing was found by human search, something had been there. And the remains the dogs hit on, is always human. And, I assure you, since nothing was found in the dumpster, there was always a possibility the dumpster had been emptied. Although, there are times they bring in a new dumpster and replace the one that was there. In that case the remains could have come from another unsolved case. Anything is possible. But, I am sure the dump is being combed very carefully. This time the Sheriff’s Office has learned from the Anthony case, and everything is being keep very quiet. It will hit with a loud bang, when their ready.


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