Executioner setting there playing with itself !!

11 Sep

Here it is 7:13pm,  if the executioner has kids,  apparently not too worried about , have they had dinner.. are they doing their homework..  Don’t you have laundry to do for tomorrow..  Nope, the executioner is setting in that chair.. playing with its blackberry trying to come up with something, although  this is not the time..  Apparently,  the serpent is sporting a big I don’t give a shit attitude..  And just needs to hassle other people..   Me, I think the crazy snake is about as cold inside as it is on the outside.. And I also think its probably in a group of people that doesn’t like it too much, and might well be taking some heat.. so what does it do.. throws shit back at others online, cause it can’t handle what goes on in  real life.  So, serpent..  Kiss my Ass.. I don’t have time for you..  And you have no where to run..

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