The multiples of Crazy’s

06 Sep

Another new sock puppet appeared, and its bright and colorful.. Only guess what pile it was found in. Must spend hours on the web trying to come up with new ideas.  I honestly can’t imagine how people have this much time to waste, when I’m sure their are many things to do at home and at work..  Its like this crazy has become obsessed.    First of all its the same ole material ran over and over again..  which shows obsession.  Same commentaries that express the material over and over again..  which shows obsessions.  Last, its the same usernames that it bounces its commentaries off of, over and over again .. which shows obsession.   Now in the crazy obsession it goes on and on about what I may or might or intend to do looking for Haleigh.. Of course you must realize in this crazy’s mind..  No one can look for Haleigh!!  Now, if this person is so concerned over missing children, why would it not spend time looking for a missing child, rather than beat up on someone else for doing so?    Does it go across the board and throw abuse statements at other researchers who look for missing children?  or does it just single me out when it deals with one particular missing child.  Now, what is the obsession about keeping Haleigh a missing children, or as the crazy’s have already deemed her as a non living child, while  the rest of the world and Law Enforcement are looking for a living child.  Its all in the finding.    Now, all of you moms and dads remember what your little girls and boys were like at the age of 10..  Laughing, joking, playing, smiles as big as the curve of the moon..  And very articulate with a thousand questions.  And prides itself at the memory of its young childhood.   Oh the Ten year olds..  So, moms and dads, turn around and look at the precocious little ten year old you have and know.. Thats the way  Haleigh is..   And I have no doubt she remembers so very much.  And beginning to show a great interest in her life in Putnam.    Now, what would this mean for any adult who doesn’t want this bright, precocious child found..  The only reason that makes any sense, is the fear of what this child remembers.   And it doesn’t make any difference if the crazy is convincing its readers anything.  Because in the end the readers will know the truth, it will be on the newz that the crazy’s can’t stop..   And then the crazy’s where will they go, and what will they do?  Probably stand up and scream the child is not real and is lying.   If you think these crazy’s care about children..  your wrong, they care about no one but themselves.

And we have the return of the thinking.. now we have mock radionewz,  don’t be fooled.. Rodeo is gone, back home with the Stallions..  this is  the mock radio.. and it has its own sock puppets.  and between this radio and the sock puppet, its going to town on my thinking.. Cause now they thinking I’m thinking, that they’re thinking that i might think that they are thinking that I am thinking.  They don’t understand, I am not allowed to think, cause if someone out there thinks that I’m thinking, they are going to get very upset, cause they think I might think and I’m not allowed to think. cause I might really think they know I’m thinking and that thinking might bring others to thinking. So who encourage those two to think that I might be thinking?   And since they have accused me of thinking what I’m not allowed to be thinking then does that mean that others are going to begin to think what they say I’m  thinking and we will all be  thinking the same thinking together.. Therefore all of us thinkers, thinking the same think and the same time, are all going to be accused of thinking , cause the one who’s deemed the only one to think says no one else is allowed to think, cause the thinking is restricted to only one, and it knows your thinking, cause its thinking your thinking.   I guess the only think left to say is..  So whats the legal status of thinking?

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Now you have to remember this new troll with all the bright colors on it.. is also abaddon, it changes its twitter faces like mothers changing baby diapers. Well the reflection goes a bit more in-depth, cause like the diapers the troll post are full of shit also.

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