The Cover up May have begun..

04 Sep

You know after 4 years of games and tricks..  Many things begin to cross your mind, because you know the crazys are game players and tricksters. 

Now, its always been a known fact, that when things began to get tough, and it was time to turn the tide..  That even Rhonda would become a victim.  With the intensity of attempts to give actual details of day in and day out activity in minn,  It leaves the element in mind that only a person who resides there would know this info.

So, is this Abaddon trying to pretend its Rhonda? and is it a Bff of Rhonda..  Which  all of this stalking and harassment may well turn out to be blamed on Rhonda.   You know people who work for the state, and who are connected with state agency’s that protect children..  If post like those that have been released the last couple of weeks, reflect back to a person who works for the state, and it is projecting that other employees of the same state agency didn’t do their jobs and issues were not cleared up, yet still pending.. I can honestly see someone in deep dark trouble.  Because, if that person has trusted a BFF and that BFF is not going to take the responsibility for these actions or throws it back on on Rhonda..  Well..  I could see it coming, but apparently Rhonda couldn’t..

Hey look at what we’ve seen lately..  Murt does his little thingy and what does he say, “Hey its not my fault, so and so gave me the documents and didn’t take and redact those names”.  Hello..   Casting blame..  So, Abaddon you want people to believe your Rhonda and all of this is going to be her fault?   Now, you know in your own demonic heart, that somewhere down the line, this is all gonna bite you in the ass  right?   When Rhonda gets “nicked”,  she’s gonna tell everything she knows and its all gonna fall back on you for starting the mess, and posting it online.. She had nothing to do with it..  Boy you two are gonna have a hell of a big she said she said.. and Mr. Nobody is responsible..  Yep.. that’s the way things go..

Well, we are gonna set back and watch and wait and see..  ImageImage

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