Passing days and no results

04 Sep

Well, here we are mid week, on the first week of September 2013, and the day of arrival for the Judges decision is coming closer..   Now, once the Judge makes the decision and sends it out, that’s it charlie.. Or should I say abaddon aka executioner aka how many other people..   Once that decision is made, they can’t change it..  Yet the crazy keeps on trying to provoke..  Now, if the crazy left me out of her rantings, I wouldn’t have to keep posting, while the crazy keeps on reflecting this off on me.  Yet she does.. in everything she rants about, she throws my name onto the mix..  Why.. apparently it doesn’t have much good sense, and claiming all the while that she is peoples worst nightmare.. Shit, she is her own worst nightmare and enemy.. Does more harm to her self and her credibility, and to  ImageImage

Rhondas..   I have to wonder if this fool who continues on the same path understands what bearing false witness means..  All the while hiding behind a fake photo and name like a coward shivering in the dark, in a corner..  Oh I’m so brave I can say things about people while I hide.. Talk about being in the closet..  Look who’s hiding now.  Another thing fool,  the young girl you keep referring to, is turning into a beautiful honest woman, too bad you aren’t.. too bad you nor Rhonda will ever understand that.. Stalk much both you?   And there will come a day, you won’t have the courage to stand up to that young woman.. She will be a force that you won’t be able to stand down.  And she is also old enough, and if she so chooses, to get a restraining order in both your names.. You and Rhonda and have ever drop of evidence she needs to prove what you both are doing to her.  You better remember that..   All of your accusations were proven to be lies and deceitful in court prior, and you are still trying to promote  those lies..   Shall we try to Guess who’s name Rhonda is going to be spitting out,  When things come to a head?

Just how are you going to get out of that.. Your words alone, you are trying to prove there is someone stalking Holmseth.

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