The boy or girl who cried wolf

03 Sep

For the last 4 years, there has been an internet war per say going..  And that war began with one email..  The war projected with Five against One..   The oddity, is that the Five were waging the war for at least 2 years before the One found out.. And had it not been of one of the Five who jumped ship for a short time and told the tale.. The one would still have been fighting a war with invisible enemies.   But now, at least the one has been able to put together all the emails, police reports, complaints etc.. And basic confessions for those who lobby around the members of the group of Five.

Now let me ask you a question..  When you have the odds of Five against One.. How can that One be the problem?   And the members of the Five be the victims?   So why is this war still being waged, and why are so many untruths being told.  Hey guys.. your the readers.. If you can’t figure it out.. then don’t expect me to have to explain whats going on to you..  Can’t you see?

What it really is.. For four years you have had a wolf in sheep’s clothing walk among you..


You have listened to the tales of woe..  To how terrible its life has been, and how there has been this horrid monster wolf,  chasing after it ..    The truth is..   This person who is screaming wolf,  is really the wolf itself..   And apparently runs in a pack..   Want examples, look at the post from the last blog, those from abaddon aka exectutionerreal aka executioner aka and aka iphoneqn1.  So what can I say it has multiple personalities?   Any one of you wish to think that levi the putz is executioner.. Naw, he isn’t smart enough to carry it off, plus he may have the documents provided to him, but not smart enough to know what to do with them or what they actually say..   But you can dream, just like he does..  He wants to be famous, but doesn’t have the personality to carry that one off..  He’s spoiled and demanding..  Network’s don’t need prima donna’s like him.. why waste their time and money on someone who throws temper tantrums.

Well, as far as I’m concerned you the readers can make up your own minds.. If you want to believe the crazies lies.. go ahead, that’s your problem..  Someday the aspect of wanting to know the truth is going to be full force.  You’ve seen the grand schemes from this past week.. You’ve seen Murt and his stories and confessions..  You’ve seen the crazy’s hit twitter and throw their muck around.  Just remember the song and dance their doing is not for me.. They know I know the truth,  They know they can’t convince me of what I’m doing wrong past or present.  They know I know their lying out their asses, including Murt .  Its for you the reader..  the ratings.. the advertisements.. the hits on their blogs and websites they are banking on.. And you guys are just gullible enough to be right there to fall into their hands..

Now, there is another reason all of this has been going on of late. Its what they don’t want you to know..  Before the attack’s began again..  Tim had a hearing over his son..  And he is waiting to hear what the Judge determines..  Only she will make up her mind and base her decision on the evidence she has.. And believe me she has far more than the crazy’s have..  oink oink Crazy’s .. :@]   Now when the Judge decides what should be done, then on that judgment and decision, life will resume in Minn.  May not have changes..  May have a few changes..  May have great changes.. And there may be less people looking over anyone’s shoulders.   So, as you have absorbed the tales of woe that have been thrown your way recently..  Well, while your setting back shaking your heads, let this comment absorb into your brains.  Nothing said, written, brought forth for you to be overwhelmed, has gone without investigation, scrutiny and just determinations have been made.. and you guys have been lied to, and manipulated even by one of what you called your own.. the murt.  Nothing you have been made aware of the last 2 weeks is pending.

The only reason any of this was done..  Only reason..  You see TH has to complete a period of time, where he does not mention the name of Kim Picazio on an email, on a letter, on a text message, or any form of communication.  Now, if he does, she fill file a complaint against him, and his current “Stay of Execution” will be revoked and he will be arrested and sent to jail.   So, every thing has been thrown at him to provoke him into saying something, anything with her name on it.. anything.   But, this is where their disappointment lies.  He won’t.  he will not violate that “Stay of Execution” at all.  Doesn’t matter if they use the kids to get him online, he won’t.   He will set back, obey the law, obey the order and wait for the Judges decision on the latest court action on custody that he promoted.   You see, if Tim were to screw up and do anything that violates the probation, it would effect his child custody..  And the realty here as the Abaddon keeps saying, that its her opinion he needs to be in prison.. Well, why..  This is a quote from a Well Known Attorney in Minn.  “If they get you thrown in Prison,  People will stop listening to you!”

So, there you go.. now you know whats really going on..  To manipulate you readers into believing the worst..   To encourage those of us who know the truth, to stand up and tell you, and  the attempt to provoke Holmseth into violating his “Stay of Execution”.  And this is it bottom line.. to all who though he would..  Your attempts were lousy and badly planned.  too obvious,  and even if you have been able to come up with a good plan, it would have failed.  Holmseth, will continue to obey the Law..  Holmseth will not violate the Law..  Holmseth will not violate his “Stay of Execution”..  And the reality .. when that probation is finally over,  the case goes into the trash.. like it was never there.. the records destroyed..

By the way readers.. watch over your shoulders cause the wolves are out… Among You.

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