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03 Sep

The last week or so, we and no.. I don’t share the who the we info..  Anyway, we have been picking up on commentaries about Putnam County..   Some of the commentaries involved members of the dept who are being terminated, and why.. and who and what is under investigation.  For the most part we waited until newz had leaked out from the media on the big firing..

So, who got fired..  Detective John Merchand.  Why, heard it was over stalking of his girl friend.   Now is there more.. I don’t know you might check it out yourselves, and since there aren’t any trusted forums around anymore the talking people of Putnam choose topix..   Now, there is a bit of talk about other members of the department and the whys and why nots.. Talk about drugs being bought over the internet..  I’ve heard that story before about others..  Which I guess at this point, dealers on the web are having a rough time..   Yea, I’ve heard the stories about people buying pills over the web and even giving them away as Xmas gifts..  Sorry ass thing to do ..  I guess if you buy and use drugs, so do the friends and many of the family members..  What is it a reflection of, ” Families and Friends who Do Drugs together, Stay together?”   Or do they crash and burn together..

Back to Putnam..  Now, after reading about the firings, the drug issues..  there was one other element that came up that caught my eye..  Violating the Sixth Amendment. Thats a biggy.. And when Agency’s violate any of the Amendments, guess who comes in to visit?  Guess who runs audits on all cases that go through any courtroom in a specific location..

Well, for those who are setting there scratching the top of their heads.. its called violating someones constitutional rights.  And its right there in good ole Putnam County and its in the Court house?  That really is an oh shit moment when people start to think about this..

Its like a snow ball racing downhill ——->   You find one violation, you know there will be others so you keep on with the audit and guess what you find.. all of the violations.  Now to many of you, this means nothing .. nothing at all.. But for those who have had court issues in Putnam County, it means decisions can be over turned, and becomes not only a criminal offense with the federal government, but evidence for lawsuits.  And for those who stop and think, there is always two sides on legal cases..  And it also effects the Judges who made the decisions.   And remember the snowball effect, you never know where that little bugger might end up landing.. Maybe in another county?  Didn’t cobra claim that his rights were violated in a Putnam county court action?  So did Holmseth!!

So, is there a major investigation.. well they say there is.. and from what it sounded it was by the FBI and it sounds like a wild fire..

————————————————–>       violating sixth amendment

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Shoot, you never know.. things like this could be audited back 5 or more years..

If your interested in finding out whats going on in Putnam in the Legal System, i would suggest you start reading and asking questions…..

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