From Executionerreal to Abaddon on Twitter

03 Sep

The serpent can’t make up its mind, or its afraid of being suspended again, the day is coming..  And as Usual it only attacks who.. Holmseth, boy this one like all the rest has a major itch for Holmseth.. talks about his kids and his life etc.  You would honestly believe this one saw him daily, knows everything about him and the kids..   Only way you can do that is to stalk someone.  So, abaddon you been to Minn of late?   You certainly are consumed with Timothy Holmseth..  Even talks about his dick..   Now, it doesn’t take a psychiatrist to realize you really have an intense interest in the daily life and personal body parts of Timothy Holmseth..   And the way you attack me,  and make reference it is oblivious you are really a very jealous person.   I bet I could take this over to a psychiatrist and they might even evaluate your behavior as harassment , jealousy, rage and stalking.

Now this evaluation you’ve done on me, that I have been in an installation.. Your flat ass nutz woman..  Nope, not me.. Have You?  you seem to have that issue on the brain and running with it..  As I said on twitter..  I’ll take a psych eval if you will, and I guarantee you, you’ll pay for both..  I can also guarantee – yours will come out as a narcissistic sociopath,  and the question is.. shouldn’t you be put away in a psych ward?  Are you a danger to society?  I’ll tell you what, anyone who stalks a man as much as you do with the bent up hate you expose..  Without any justification.. my my that is jealousy, when did you become so emotionally involved with TH?   We have talked about this before executioner aka abaddon..  Told you that I wasn’t in your way, but you just don’t get it.. and here we are six months later,  you going by another name and still chasing that man..  And you want to blast others and lie about their past to make you look for important or attractive..   So does it mean that when your accusing me of having some type of personal contact with Holmseth such as a sexual act, that you apparently are jealous and can’t contain the overwhelming need to attack me and go in for destruction.   Hate to tell you, but I have never had emotional or mental problems.. Never been in an institution or a psych ward, but you seem to be quite familiar with them.. So can we assume you have been?  I’m beginning to think you need to go visit those guys in the white coats, since your so overwhelmed..   I do remember trying to arrange a ceremony for you and Tim, but you just kept messing up..  So this time your on your own..  Now you do realize that your threats and comments are not staying contained over on twitter and that they are being shared with people who know how to deal with obsessions, and people who are obsessed?  And I don’t know where you got your info on TH and his children .. but serpent, his children aren’t gone anywhere..  Who’s been feeding you lies, and your stupid and gullible enough to believe this shit?  Whats wrong with you serpent..  You just aren’t too smart are you?  Didn’t anyone ever tell you, that others from Minn might well be lying to you, like you lie on twitter..  So, who’s the fool..  your  posting it!!


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