Sure Murt, what else do you have in your back of black magic tricks?

02 Sep

What else do you want to blame on me?  You want to blame the war you’ve had with McKee and Prinnie on me too?   Now, do you honestly expect me to believe there is an individual setting there who calls itself radio on a general basis, and if it were real it wouldn’t be too smart right now to believe anything that comes out of your mouth Murt, come on both of you are fakes and phony’s.  Murt your true colors have finally appeared and the more you run your mouth the less support your going to have.  Now, I’m waiting for you to go crawling to Michelle and start kissing up on her, has that one been my fault too murt since 2008?  Is that next murt..  

Oh by the way,  Just why did you give me the name of Judy Sholes and tell me you got it from your telephone lawyer friend and that, Judy Sholes was suppose to be Radio..   And that she does live in Tucson.. And guess where you were when you told me about this.. Damned if the Murt wasn’t in Tucson and talking to realtors and other folks about Judy, trying to get as much info on her as you could..  Well, fool you didn’t share any of that with me, now did you.. who were you checking out the ranch and Judy for?   Someone else in your wee crowd of supporters have an itch for Judy and had you go do the dirty work?

Did you happen to s top in Mesa for a visit?

Hey rodeo, all of this time that Murt has been telling people that he is working with  HLS agent and investigators and the FBI, and that you and levi and friends are all under investigation and going to be hit with warrants..  You encouraged this bullshit now didn’t You?


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