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02 Sep

For all the years I spent a fortune with cable tv and satellite tv, I even at one time purchased what is called A Free Satellite system,  It was and still is, stored in the closet a satellite box system that connects up the outside satellite dish and you draw in free tv channels, via the satellite.   Now, that worked just fine, and you pick up channels all over the world..  Of course pay tv channels your not going to get.

Now, what spurred my going after the free satellite system, which you pay the cost up front by purchasing the system..  Was when there was a fight between the pay tv channels and Time Warner.. And Time Warner was no longer going to carry the channel, even though it was a favorite in our house.. As well many others and heck who cared what we thought, we were gonna pay the same monthly free with our without our favorite channel.. That was not going to be reduced.   When things like this occur and all control is taken out of my hands, I rather get a bit upset..   Hey channel decisions are not based on a democratic system with time warner..  You don’t have a choice and they just plain don’t ask..

Well, when I chose to move  a year and a half ago.. I had the option of going with time warner, or one of the satellite companies, or to set my own free satellite system back up.. In trying to make the decision, I talked to my phone carrier and they told me about a little black box that would connect up to my tv and I could choose channels I wanted for my tv and the sweet thing about this.. it works on WiFi..  Its an internet streaming tv..

So, what did I get for my money..  well first of all using the little black box.. Its Free…

But, I have choices.. I have netflix, I have redbox, and I have HulaPlus.  These are pay channels.  Totals less than $25.00 a month..   What do I have for free..  Well I do have access to my Amazon account, therefore I can buy tv episodes or movies, on the account they stay in library or I can download them onto my computer.   You know once I started watching some of the old tv series that I didn’t even know existed before, since we only watched a couple of channels while paying a fortune in tv bills.  I set her amazed at what I had missed as far as entertainment..  My decision, if I’m going to waste my time on watching tv, it needs to be something worth watching besides re-runs.  And trying to find a good movie.. its not easy..  Well now I have choices.. Love choices..  When I was growing up, there was no such thing as paid tv.. TV came invisible over the air to an antenna.. You had three channels, ABC CBS and NBC.. Of course it was NBC that went color in September of 1965.. I remember that day well, we even purchased a new console color tv just to celebrate the new technology..  Gosh I was all of 18 years old..   At least when we had three channels to worry about it wasn’t hard to keep track of new series ..  and then somewhere in the 70’s here came pay tv..  Of course Satellite TV, was up and going in fact here is a bit of history, Jul 23, 2012 – On the 50th anniversary of the first live transatlantic television feed beamed by Telstar, revisit the historic broadcast of July 23, 1962 , but you had to have a half acre to put the satellite dish up and an army of geeks to program it because directv was not yet up and running, and the box in the house was about 3 feet long and about 2 feet high and at least 2 1/2 to 3 feet deep.  No, it didn’t come with an auto geek.    Then of course came the VCR’s , we bought our first VCR in 1983 for about $450.00, about the going price and not until the  November  1997 : First DVD players went on sale in Japan.  Is anyone beginning to see  the reality here of all of this major technology is still so new?  Gosh folks I bought my first cell phone in 1997..  and I had seen them for many years and they we becoming progressively smaller..  went from looking like a carved 2 x 4 to a carved 1×3.. the carved 2×4 I oftened wonder if they were so heavy you couldn’t carry them with you, so short o this.. I remember a  time when you actually went somewhere and people had to wait until  you arrived home to call you.  Which also means I remember rotary phones quite well. Still don’t have a problem using one..   By the way, how many of you do understand the difference between Analog and Digital?   So you guys have a great night..  go  check out the roku..

So, what’s the secret..  Its called Roku.  A whole new world at your finger tips..

Me, I love it..  and you can put a Roku on every tv in your house on the same account, and stream the same channels.   You would not believe the number of free channels..


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