01 Sep

Now the photos below are quite graphic, but it shows the horrid things used by man to trap animals.  These traps are considered by many as inhuman.


Well, its not uncommon for humans to try to trap other humans..  Now the question is, is it legal or moral for one person to attempt to trap another person into doing something that would result in the persons arrest?   Does this also reflect as being called a setup?  Well we know that Setups to cause a person to be in violation are deemed illegal and without doubt immoral. So.. what do you do..  You walk through life making sure you don’t get caught on a snare, or a trip wire, so you stop all communications with the Murt.. cause he’s the trip wire.. He’s the snare..   Thats the part he plays..  He’s so innocent and he knows he is too provoke and wait and snap the steel jaws closed..  And when he’s caught, he will be all on his own.. His decisions as an adult to do the things  he’s done..

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