Murt.. Doesn’t know when to Stop.

01 Sep

The more they goat him, the more he talks.. I am absolutely amazed at the way he keeps on going..  Murt.. you continue with these confessions, and top it off with threats..  What are you on anyway..

In all honesty Murt,  you would be a Detectives dream interview.. Cause your just like that little rabbit going on and on and on..   So Whats Wrong with this  picture?

So Murt, if Michelle McKee is your sworn enemy.. How do you know that she hates Holmseth more than your phone call buddy?  You really seem to know alot about McKee,  in fact as much if not more than she knows about you..  Just keep talking murt.. I’ll keep on photo copying and posting on the blog..  you know just in case you pull one of those, I’ve got to delete things,   like the article about that attorney you deleted the other day, while the person who was trying to post a comment and everything went poof..  Hey that’s in black and white..   So, here you go Murt..  For the Public to see..  Just keep it going.  Oh by the way, what was that threat you threw out at TH about what was gonna happen at the end of the week?   Oh Murt you still need to ask yourself one question..  Why were you the chosen one to go after Holmseth??  Why didn’t the people who handed you all those documents, and stories post their own agenda online, rather than have you do it?   Its not just because your so gullible..  Its because you were expendable Murt.. And you don’t see it..  And it brought down the anger and raft of those online that see the problems your creating.. But you can’t.. your blind to your own faults.  And blame every thing on everyone else..  Trust me on this Murt.. no one will be coming to you and apologizing.   Your truly on your own..  By the way.. the hundreds of documents you received, probably is the 300 page wonder used as the complaint filed in Broward County September of 2011.   Which is 98 percent made up of everything that was posted as articles, or on TH website.   Which obtained the restraining order against holmseth in Florida..  the same restraining order that he was accused of violating, when he posted that photo copy of levi’s article on  his website under harassment ..   And a warrant was sworn out for his arrest, and the next morning he was arrested for photocopying this below, and even put a red line across the woman’s eyes.

Well that was the crime he went to jail for, and went to court.. All resolved, and in less than 6 to 8 months.. they will destroy the record and it will all go away.. Unless,  Holmseth can be tricked or conned or manipulated into making another mistake..  Like the photocopying something with  this woman’s name or photo on it.  Or accidentally emailing someone back and using her name..   But, I can assure you Murt.. It isn’t going to happen..    So, what can I tell you, your wasting your time.   Oh by the way Murt..  Let me tell you a secret… If anyone posted the name, ages or anything to do with that attorneys children.. You would see another rule of law coming at you..   Don’t believe me, why don’t you publish that info and see what happens..  Your world would turn into an absolute living hell!!  And you live in Florida, not to far from her.  After all you have been assured that there is nothing legally or morally wrong in doing that..


I know what I posted. I know what you posted. I know what Holmseth posted. I have HUNDREDS of documents starting well before the Haleigh Cummings case right up to less than a month ago. Before I parted ways with Ms P.she sent me a massive number of public documents from the courts and other public agencies. They detail things about Mr Holmseth and his family that are of great concern to me and should have been of concern to you as well. At this point I do not understand your unyielding loyalty to Mr Holmseth. You. however, have made your choice. Over the extended period that we have known each other, I have been patient with you and with all of your theories no matter how wild or how way out there that I or or others may have thought they were. I gave you a sounding board. I allowed you to come here and post whatever it is you wanted me to to let you post.
One important thing to think about, I confronted Radio SOLELY because of what you and others told me she was saying about all of you. It was You who persuaded me to investigate Radio and it’s actions.
Had I stayed away from Radio, a great deal of the problems that I have had to face and will continue to face would not be there. I tried to help a friend and for it I got kicked in the ass. Now the deviant owner of that cyber abuse blog is getting drunk and laughing its ass off at a high priced hotel while at a comic con convention.
Then, when Levi made his accusations and provided the public court documents and I read them, I was revolted. What is in the documents accuses both Holmseth and his daughter of sick and demented behavior. It tells me that his children are at risk and the state agrees.
Now, in spite of all of this you choose to go and keep defending him at the cost of the welfare and safety of his children.
Next, Tim Holmseth has made false accusations against me, against Levi Page and against Atty Kim Pickazio. While I may be angry and disappointed at Levi and Kim, I cannot bear false witness against either one of them. When Kim sent me the documents, she sent me detailed records of how she obtained them. There were directly from the court. There is no law against publishing anything contained in public files and this includes the age names and birthdates of children and adults alike. Now I did err in not redacting the minor child’s name. The female is an adult and thus she is not entitled with any redaction.
Now it is too damn bad that I did not remove the files as fast as you demanded of me and you went flying over to the mortal enemy of mine and the one person who has ruined my life beyond repair. This is a woman, by the way that hates Holmseth more that Kim does. You are just too blind with anger to see that. In the end it will be you that will be the downfall of Holmseth. When you outlive any use to McKee regarding any information she THINKS you know about me and the others, you will be cast aside like scraps of garbage.
I and done with anything having to do with Tim Holmseth. He will be delt with sometime near the end of next week for the little stunt he pulled. He has made an accusation and now he has to live with the proof that he is nothing more than a fool who tackled with the wrong person. None of you out there, including McKee Goddard or the others have any Idea of who I am, what my real background is and the connections I have. You are all too stupid and inept to find what is in front of you. Everything is right there in open and yet you all do not see it. Some day someone will open up their eyes and see what has been in front of them all along and just how wrong all of you have been.
When you find out, do not come apologizing to me. I will not accept it.


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