Another Fake.. Another Phony.. More threats..

01 Sep

Now, my goodness.. just who could this possible be.. Its just so filled with information, that no one else out there in twitter world would even begin to know..  Oh my goodness, this bitch must be a mind reader.. Oh.. maybe a Psychic for sure..  Probably hitting that box of wine that executioner spends so much time dipping into..  as usual they sound alike I so wonder why?  Could it possible be that they are one and the same.. and drunk off their sorry ass..  Oh my goodness the report on the site is already in.. oh wow is me..   So, you talked to Rhonda lately??  Hows her new job coming along.. you know the one over in North Dakota for Social Services..   Wonder how they like this constant battling situation?   U would anticipate that they would expect a bit more Parental co-operation from the employee than for information pertaining to children to hit the internet..  And Murt has done a bang up job by telling the world who supplied him with documents.   This one here also seems to have an insider to fill it in on information..  and seems to be quoting things that have been resolved a long time ago, when it was determined, there was no abuse.. It was made up..   So.. where does it go from here..  You threatening me with shit.. crazy?   Threats don’t go over well..    In fact.. You are Your own worst enemy..  Now try sobering up..

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