31 Aug

One of Murts unusual postings, articles reflecting towards Broward County Attorneys? Rather unusual effort on his part, which makes you wonder.. whats in the wind..  So, the list of attorneys and bad press on one listed site and then.. He brought up Rothstein.

Now, I can’t imagine any attorney wanting to be associated with the name of Rothstein right nor or within the last year or so..  Some may have in the past, but under the circumstances, that’s one briar patch that smart attorneys in Florida, no matter what county.. Doesn’t want to participate in..

When Rothstein hit the news last year, most people set back and wondered, who the heck is that..  Well, I had heard or I should say I had read the name prior in a document, and there was a list of companies listed on a website that the FBI had checked into for their association with Rothstein..   And there was another comment, that I remember that was made by Cobra when he was a friend..   He said something about Rothstein, and the comment about “Violating the Corporate Veil”.    When I first heard that I didn’t really understand..  But now I do.. quite well..  So, have a trip down the stories of Rothstein..  You never know you might find interesting comments found on Google, or even documents you would be surprised to find that name.   I was..

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