Murt You Don’t Get it !!

31 Aug

You have been so blind sided you can’t see the truth..  Those children don’t need you to save them.. Your only hurting them..  The shit your trying to put out and make people believe, that you have been manipulated to believe by the crazy’s..  Is not true Murt.   It didn’t work in Court Murt!!  This crap you are trying to shove down peoples throats has already been in the court room Murt.. Already seen by a Judge.. And dismissed MURT!!  What part of that don’t you get.. 

The only threat those children have is YOU, and the CRAZY S who interfere in their lives.

Murt, wake up.. look at the dates.. 2 years old Murt..  Already been to court Murt.. Do you think your smarter than the Judges?  Do you think you see something they didn’t or couldn’t?   Just because you have phone conversations with whomever, you assume that person is telling you the absolute truth, and everything coming out of its mouth is with good intentions?   If that were true, why is it necessary to get you to post these things online.. Why don’t they do it themselves.. Why didn’t levi post things himself?  Cause they needed a chump Murt..   Duh!!  Boy you have been had big time and not smart enough to see the  truth..  and post this garbage..  I don’t feel sorry for you any longer.. You actually put yourself into the line of fire, and then scream at people to shoot at you..


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