Murt do you realize what you posted?

31 Aug

You just became a witness !!  Probably the worse thing you could ever have said involving your friends, but you did.. Now lets watch the scrambling..  So it wasn’t just Levi now was it?  Truth always has a way of slipping out.. (The documents cited a an outdated set of circumstances as pointed out by the attorney).. No Murt, what you received were the resolve of the documents you were given.. Thats the truth.. you should have looked at the dates Murt. For crying out loud, you can’t be that stupid.. 28th of November 2011 is the resolve.. now the date on the Dr. Letter, was September 2011. What part of September versus November don’t you get. November was the court hearing Murt.. Where the hell is your brain? Are you smoking that wacky tobaccy? Your so deep into this mix right now you really need to turn yourself over for an psych eval.. and take your friends with you.. Okay.. Now, how did your friends get copies of these documents?? Since we know who the reddios was at that time and we know who the radio was that followed, and participated in the Christmas gift giving for the children.. both can also be called in as witness.. Wanna run that by your legal advisor too? Thanks for the confession.. Now it is very public..

“Doctor Richard Kimble

Wait! You just deleted a post about the attorney. I was trying to comment and the post disappeared. So I’ll comment here.

Ok. I really don’t understand what this is about. Why would you want information on that person’s children? Please explain, in detail, what this is all about. I guess unless one was a part of whatever went on back during the Cummings case, one wouldn’t know what you are talking about.

I just don’t understand why you would want information on this Holsmeth person’s children.”

You can comment here. I did not want information on his children.
I had written to Mr Holmseth and told him I wanted his proof that the legal actions had ended and that he had prevailed. He sent me two documents with his website watermarked all over them. The documents cited a an outdated set of circumstances as pointed out by the attorney. Mr Holmseth never got back to me after I requested more current documents. Instead his accusations appeared on his blog and elsewhere.
The children’s information were already in the public documents that both Levi Page and atty Kim P provided to me. There are also unredacted documents on dozens of websites with the same information. I have documents that span almost 10 years that go right up to less than a month ago. However, due the lack of support by other bloggers that have an agenda, I am not going to waste my time on a futile effort. Some serious accusations have been made by The attorney of Tim Holmseth. Tim Holmseth in turn has made serious accusations against the attorney, Levi Page, Art Harris as well as law enforcement personnel. I had planned on spelling out all of this using the documents I have which are in the hundreds. The attorney had promised to promise me more and the still ongoing court proceedings worked their way though the courts. The documents consists of HUNDREDS of pages. What is in these documents are horrendous. They speak of disgusting and deviant behaviors. They speak of threats and they speak of exploitation. It is a story only few will know because only a select few has access to the complete set of files I have been provided.
People can look elsewhere for answers.

I am done


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