Iphoneqn has reappeared..

31 Aug

Well, this one returned with a 1 on its end.. why? well the original iphoneqn, was well known as on Susan R. Smith Curry.   Now that One, I have photo copies of a combined conversation of Sue, Reddios, Levi and Art Harris discussing that TH was writing a book.. now this little Jewel goes all the way back to the fall of 2010.. and the cutest little remark came out of Sue..  She said: “He’s gonna open up a can of worms”..  Yet. that was the exact verbatim statement.  As I said I have photo copies of those little jewels.   In fact, that comment seemed to echo across the web, and I actually made an image of a can of worms..  Needless to say, he didn’t disappoint any of them, cause his book did open up a big can of worms..   You’ve been hearing about it since the book was published, in January 2011.

Now this was the original iphoneqn..   Now when you try to pull it up, of course you get a little error message about internal error.. And Iphoneqn was one of the accounts, that cobra and Doug Roberts were going to have twitter identify.. until the motion to Quash was submitted to the judge.  Since this case that cobra had been dragged into by depositions and then was verbally abused on the internet along with the defendant being really verbally abused on twitter.. So, it did seem to me that before that affidavit was quashed by any motion put out, that the defendant who was his own attorney should have had the right to determine if the affidavit was needed or not..   You know that case had two sides to it .. only one side was heard since the telephone testimony was refused along with all the motions and affidavits the defendant submitted.   Much like if you don’t appear in this court  room, nothing you have to say or summit is relevant and we can ignore it.  scales of justice  that day was swinging low and the wrong..

ScreenShot802 ScreenShot803


Now, lets really sort this one out shall we.  If everything that was published in TH book was  lies and libel and nothing.. then why would anyone bother with it?  Why would anyone care about it..  Why wasn’t there law suits?   Why, well hes given you every thing to show you why..  You people just don’t take the time to pay attention.. Its easier to look around and say, oh he’s just crazy..  Well guys.. What if he isn’t??  What if everything he’s been telling you in the absolute truth..  Wow.. that would make your heart skip a beat.. especially when you realize how many people bash him and try to shut him up..  Why??  Why does he need to be shut up if all of this is nothing more than lies and nonsense and his imagination..  Or.. have you guys out there in wonderland reading and believing what the crazy’s want you to believe.   Like murt and he’s still wearing his little blinders,  being lead around by the nose..   What happens the day that all of this comes into reality and you find out ..  you’ve been conned..  Manipulated and damn well lied too..

So, who is this new Iphoneqn1..   Well I don’t know.. I’m sure others have an opinion..  This person says its not Sue Curry..   Well who ever it is, its sure doing a number on a few people.. now isn’t it..   So what do you guys think, shall we keep it around for awhile or shall we block it..  Is it a troll or is it someone that’s got a real beef..  Don’t know..




Isn’t it amazing you have Labor Day weekend, and tough people hanging on twitter..  something tells me..  this one versus McKee..  Think McKee will take it..   Twitter match of the year, already whopped up on Murt, and done a job on all the others..  Yea.. McKee could take is EOS_03..   remember those underscores..  who could forget the underscores..   Don’t you just love the way people can project and see themselves.. Hell no one else can see it but they do, I guess its like lying to oneself while looking in the mirror.. elements of denial..     And Murt I keep trying to tell you and you just won’t listen..  There is no such thing as Radio..  its a mask.. its a pretend.. its a fable.. its the white rabbit in the hole that Alice keeps looking for..  It doesn’t exist..  The last one to use the name lives in Tucson, she’s not there anymore murt..   the owner is radio f or now, with fill-ins from levi and Pops..  Wake up Murt..  Your gonna end up down that rabbit hole and never find your way out.. so much for using your smarts..

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