Facts, Facts, Facts..

31 Aug

Murt, do you have a bit of a problem maintaining accuracy in facts, or do you just skim over the details and make it up as you go along..   So, I read the brief article you began on “Ron’s House”..   Sounds like a tv show doesn’t  it..

So, lets start looking at real details.

1. HaLeigh Cummings was discovered missing shortly after 3:00am on Tuesday Morning, 02/10/09,

2. The 911 call was logged in by the Emergency Center at 3:27am after Ron had arrived home to “Ron’s House”.

3. Ron and Crystal were never married.  The began living together at Johnny Sheffield’s house when Crystal was only 13 years of age.   Now, it seems the group was one big happy family,  and Johnny was raising and fighting dogs, seems that Ron found a dog on the side of the highway and brought it home to Johnny.  He gave the dog to Johnny as a gift..  Reality is, the dog was reported stolen and darned if Johnny wasn’t busted for possession of a stolen dog, and got really ticked off at Ron, and threw him out of the house.. Crystal went with..  There was also a mention of Ron growing pot in Johnny’s back yard, that Johnny wasn’t happy about  ..  So, the very young teenagers went to Ron’s Mom, Teresa and said.. Mom, Crystal and I don’t have any place to live. Can we stay with you, and she replied. Yes you can.    So, that’s the beginning story..  no wedding.. no grown..  no education ..   And they separated many times during the years they were together.  And many times Johnny Sheffield and Connie his wife, found themselves raising the two little ones.  In fact Johnny had been known to say..  That they wanted to and had been in the process of adoption of the children.

So, Murt  get your facts straight..  I know the story verbatim.   And will correct you ever step of  the way..  You need to get back on the phone with your buddy and just come to the conclusion that you as a middle man for which ever side this week you claim to be on..  It isn’t working for you..

UPDATE:  I’ve also heard the versions  from both Wayanne and Cobra about the hiring of an attorney.  Now stop for just a money and think about this..  If Crystal were looking for an attorney, don’t you think she would have started looking in her own back yard, Baker County, St. Johns county, or Putnam county.  I mean after all Ron found one right around the corner didn’t he.. So, the question is..  Was Crystal looking?   I mean after all the original story was that she was told she needed a media attorney.  That  child custody issue came later!!

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