Word of advice for Murt.

30 Aug

Short and sweet, you list all those you feel you cannot trust.. and get right down to the name listings, and then you  list my name as a person you cannot trust… I rather feel insulted by that Murt, because.. it is YOU, that cannot be trusted.. You nor the others you list..   You chose to take the course of action You took.  You choose to post that article,  You chose to  put that document in an posting.. You chose not to redact those children names…  And you chose to not tell the truth when  you pulled that scared monkeys cover up out of your back pocket..  All BS Murt..  All of these were Your choices..  Your  the one who screwed up royalty, they didn’t make you unless they were blackmailing you..    If not is all been You choosing a course of action, you also chose to ignore  the words of wisdom and advise..    And the odd thing about it Murt, you don’t accept any of the responsibility of your own actions..  Whats with this..  No one made U do anything now did they.. And You can’t trust me now…  Thats a bunch of crap… It wasn’t me that can’t be trusted.. Its You murt, you and the trolls  you cling to.. claiming who you can’t trust blah blah..    Murt.. Your the one out in the cold, and You put yourself there..  I don’t feel one bit sorry for you..

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