Talk about Stupid!!

30 Aug

I guess executioner like murt seems to have the concept  of whats legal versus what is not legal,  as per what  their troll activity is per day, or by whom… So, Serpent.. I think its a great idea that Murt went to the authorities and confessed, since he surely couldn’t spend any time trying to file a complaint against anyone by saying oh my ..  They threatened to go to authorities on me.. She Blackmailed him into  removing illegal information off of the web by threatening to have the authorities on his ass..  How Stupid are you folks?  Thats not blackmail fools..  Thats acting as a devoted Citizen.   Maybe we could even deem it in a term some of you understand,  call it  a Whistle Blower event .

You see, when Murt received that documentation from Levi,  both knowing that the info should be sealed since it involved Juveniles..   Murt suppose to be an adult and know the law, should never have posted any of that info online.. Doesn’t matter who did it first..  Ignorance of the law is no excuse and it runs all the way down the pipe to who handed it  over t o begin with and who encouraged the postings..  All the way down the line.. each person who actively participated..  So, we know we have a Murt.. oh thank you Murt for confessing and turning yourself over to LE.  Then we have Levi, oh yea levi you are next.. And the person who provided that to Levi..

You know whats really odd..  a fake account came across the week prior to Murts showing his lack of intelligence, and said they were very close to obtaining info on murt..  I anticipated that was just  crap.. as usual..  A week later Murt pulls this little trip..   But what is really amazing..  Is how fast he responded to Michelle.. Amazing speed and fear..  also noted was how fast levi and others left him in the wind to make up some excuse as to where this info might be found online.  And boy was that a flop.. using material two years older than the actual document itself..  Think about, not only putting the car before the horse..  putting the cart before the horse was even born for Heavens sake.. Now that’s stupid..   Also, need to not that the serpent attacking me on radionewz,  isn’t half the monster it normally is..  so whos holding the fort over at the website.. cause this one is questionable..

So, Murt after your confession.. you mean they actually let you go??  I so hope they have opened an investigation.. and Murt its your ass they have access to.. Not Michelle’s..  all she did this time was make you man up and do the right thing.  After all it seems like there was a 62 year old who was acting like a 12 year old..   Oh they did it first, so its not my fault..   Just plain Ass Stupid..

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