So.. is a troll a troll or just an accusation of a troll?

30 Aug

I’m a bit curious..  Murt,  I have read a hundred times how much you are stalked by McKee, yet you call upon her as much as she calls upon you.  Now it would seem that if a person where actually trolling you, that only her conversations would be the aggressor, yet you respond back with the same aggression?  And it would seem that if she were trolling and stalking you that as many times as You have reported her to authorities they would have nailed her to the wall.. But they haven’t..  She refers to you as a child abuser, and you refer to her as a crazy.  She has posted info on your family, you have posted info her her family.. she has nailed your background, and you have hers..  So, just where does this land her as the only one trolling  and the only one stalking..  Seems like quite an equal attack.

Of  course the best part of this entire mess, would be if while Law Enforcement waded in and took out murt for his confessions and some false allegations.. that they issue a warrant and take out rodeo with him.. or who ever rodeo is this week, cause last week probable a different sucker who got conned into the job.   Remember rodeo is nothing more that a mask of a title username that comes on and off , depends on the day, the con and the manipulator.

Of course I’ve seen this before in others..    This is reality.. for those of you, that have put your trust and faith in Murt to protect you..   Bottom line, he will deceive you too.  We know what it depends on.. We also know that people he has been associating with online,  might well not be who we think they are.  And its time to cut the ties with all of them.   It  has become apparent that  twitter has become a hive of bees.. And you never know which worker bee you see, isn’t  really a clone..  Murt, he’s just a pawn..  played the game, got in close and showed true colors..  Hey murt.. don’t worry about trashing me for trying to be honest and reasoning with you.. your history is all over the web..  I’ve seen  your rip off report too, and the one on topics.. quite a discussion on topics, your ears must have been burning..

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