Serpent talking out the other side..

29 Aug

I saw the article that the slimy serpent put out..  The reality is.. it knows the truth..  It knows that I said point blank I was protecting the children, and not TH..  And it also knows how wrong it was of Murt to deliberately post that info. Yet Murt did it anyway without concern for either child.. no matter what age..  He hates to be referred to as an SO, yet it could turn that on a young person, without any form of conscious.  And what do we have executioner, just as low class trash egging him on..  Two peas in a pod, and add the little trashy boy levi and you have three peas in the pod..   the serpent doesn’t quite get it.. If it were your kids serpent, I would have protected them  too..  No matter how trashy you are, the kids should have to suffer through this by heartless pieces of trash adults who don’t have a conscious. trolls

And since Levi probably never will have kids, we don’t have to worry about him..  Eventually, he’s gonna run his mouth to the wrong person and probably sing  soprano for the rest of his life.   I still say,  that whatever transpired with murt,  he sure did act and talk like someone had him between a rock and a hard-place..  And he surely began to dance and sing when Michelle when after him..   So, apparently she has something he is terrified of, and turned around and posted the cartoon crap about Scared Monkeys as a cover story..  My point, what did you and levi have on murt to make him do this in the first place??   You guys got some  threats going on against the ole man??   Ask your buddy murt  if he still keeps that apartment up in Elmira?  Don’t quite understand if he does, since it looks a rental and since he moaned and groaned about not having much money..

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