How misleading can things be??

28 Aug

looking back over the last couple of years and wondering what is it with people and why all the misleading information and lies?  Amazing, and I have to believe its their imagination, yet.. many of them don’t know what an imagination is.

Yet,  even the most innocent things on twitter can appear to be quite confusing, and you have to  wonder why is this..   Oh its to catch the eye of the reader and to pull them to the website.. Oh now I get it..

So here is an example..  Amazing..  Jim and story

Okay.. so right off the bat, when reading this you figure there is a story in people-mag, with a photo of Snooki and her son..  and where did the vodka issue come in making you wonder if she’s holding a drink on the beach.. and what do you see when you hit the link?,,20729186,00.html

“Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi’s Son Takes His First Steps”

and the photo of the cutest little person you’ve ever seen taking his first steps in his little blue onesies..   And the momma, no where in sight..

Now this one.. its a head scratcher and it may well explain the issues that keep being slung around about cougars..     We have three examples..  one of course about the looks of men in general,  that would be a reason executioner and rodeo were always obsessed with younger men.. and the last two are statistics.. and it says..  well you check it out..


oh wow

I guess those ole gurls think they need younger men to get these jobs done..  Doesn’t say much for you older guys out there..

Now here is one for the gurls..

age or age

do any of you have the courage to find out just how old your body’s are??

Now, here’s a pretty.. Have any of you ever been to an East Indian Wedding?  My goodness the clothing is beautiful, just fantastic,  and they love to party..       wedding



So, what else is going on..   Well, after the photo of  Milly Cyrus was released and compared to a Zebra.. oh yea ..  Many of the Dad’s on Facebook have declared their absolute thankfulness for not being  Billy Ray Cyrus, and so ever thankful they have sons and no daughters..  So Billy Ray..  you may think that Milly is a bank wad, but I hate to tell  you.. I can’t think of any of these Dads that would want their son’s attached to your daughter..


Well as you can tell.. not all Giraffes, appreciated being compared to a little human music star ..


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