Which one of the Gurls has bed bugs..

27 Aug

We’ve known for some time that when the crazy’s, such as the slimy serpent executioner comes out with an article..  Its something going on in their own lives and damned if they don’t have to use it as a weapon against somebody else.

So, they have hit me with I’m a drunk Cougar again..  Which those of us in the real world, Know.. I’m not much of a drinker.. I may have 2 or 3 drinks per year.  I haven’t been intoxicated in over 35 years.  I learned that being sober in life is best..  Never had a problem with drinking.. but, we know  that the rodeo did, and the executioner.. I bet you its closer to if or when you can catch that snake sober, got to be real careful about having open containers in vehicles too, never know when someone in a uniform is gonna see that.   U know serpent, as a cop I never arrested a DUI that ever had more than 2 beers.. U use the same excuse too?


Now the aspect of being a cougar.. Give it a break..  I don’t nor ever had to chase a much younger man.. Someone 10 to 15 years younger.  What the heck do you have in common with them?  And don’t tell me they prefer older women for the experience.. Shoot they laugh at that..  Only thing a younger man wants from an old crow is if they think the crow has money !!!  And when they learn the crow doesn’t, its a guaranteed goodbye, see ya later..   Hey I saw this on tv..  And heard about it in the Tabloids..

So the last thing..  The Executioner is bitching about bed bugs..  Hey serpent did you happen to bring any home from vacation?   Tell us where you stayed, what hotel or motel.. so we know not to check in.. cause we don’t want those little buggy guys to check out with us,.. and have to transport them home..  Is that what happened..  Gonna have to fumigate,  might even have to get rid of your beds to get rid of those little monsters..   You know they came home on  your clothes in your suitcase don’t ya..    I hear tell it doesn’t matter how expensive those hotels or motels are.. they can still get them.. Also I heard tell that you can get them in movie theaters  and those little creatures will crawl up on your pants and skirts and make that trip to your house and once there..  they like dinner at night.    Now this is what U look for on your mattress there serpent, thank heavens for Google..

bed bugs


And this is what they look like on your thumb..   bedbugs thumb

Now if executioner was talking about the ex radio.. well we know why she would be having problems..  you know guest bring things in as well as taking them home..  Did she get those Niki’s sold on Craigs list yet??  I need to check on that..

So Executioner, was  there anything else you wanted to hash over tonight.. I’ve had a long day and I think I’m going to go lay down and watch a movie.. while you spin your bottle and chase your little bugs around, and try to think of something else going on in your life you want to throw off on others.   Got kids serpent?   Why aren’t you spending your evenings with them.. after all school has just started, and I’m sure they need more attention than levi and that blog..   Now don’t they?

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