Okay Murt lets take a real look…

27 Aug

I made it very clear that Murt was WRONG..  Yes it is truth that the childs name was posted online at even a younger age than what Murt did, or Radio did before him..  Does it make it okay for these adults to continue doing this ..  Hell No..  So, you have the low life Island Monkey, divorced woman who lives  in north western florida..  if you sneak a visual of her profile image, it shows her house, her face, her kids etc.. And she was a member of the crew, much like Pirate and Bad-me.. They all knew each other , huh HH..  twin sister to Island Monkey.. this was a sneaky sleazy broad,  can’t tell you how many times I had to throw this trashing thing off of my forum..   So Nope Murt..  you missed the mark.. I know when that document was created.. I know what it looked like, having seen what Radio put up for the world to see..  Now, how did radio get it??   So we go from the original source, to one of the people on the list.. to another.. who supplies it to radio.. then who gave it to Levi, cause the radio is gone, and this last radio wasn’t around when reddios put it up, and the forum is still on subdomain of and around and around and around.. and levi out of the kindness of his heart gave the document to Murt, who out of the kindness of his heart??  published it exposing lies to harm children.  Sad, Sad Day..  Image


Island Monkey

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