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27 Aug


As per my answer to McKee.. Unlike you, I have been on this issue for several days, and highly critical.. Maybe you should have read my comments, maybe your unaware of the conversations between Murt and I by DM, or my conversation with others that I am close with.. And maybe your unaware of the emails sent to murt.. Below is a small example of what I had to say to him on a number of occasions this past several days.. but of course it took your threats instead of my attempts of reasoning with Murt. Maybe your threats would bring about an investigation to determine how and why the documents he posted and revealed in as being sealed documents, and maybe your threats will bring about the identity of the person who originally got the documents to give to Levi who in turn gave to Murt. So if you need to relish in beating me up for not being able to stop him, and not being able to talk him into removing that blog, and knowing that prior to his blogging that entry and posting that document, he was already shown the proof that the case had been resolved as a fake, as a ruse some two years ago.. yet Murt published the document anyway.. Now how do I know he received proof.. Why not ask Murt.. But I know.. And is Murt aware that these documents are suppose to be sealed? Yes he is.. And why would Murt ignore my request, my conversations. I think it is rather odd that a threat from McKee is the only voice of reason Murt would respond to. Now, the question is.. who gave those sealed legal documents from a resolved child custody case to Levi? And how did that person get them? Well as I told Murt.. The following list of people had access to those documents.
1. The court Clerk
2. Dr. April Bradley
3. Jorgenson the attorney for bio mom
4. Judge Dixon and Judge Yon
5. The bio mom
6. Tim Homseth bio dad.

Now, we know that the Court Clerk sealed them by order of one of the two judges.
We know that after the same document was first published on the internet by radionewz, Dr. April Bradley was advised of the publication and she wrote a letter, very upset letter to the attorney Jorgenson and to the court Clerk.
Both Judges Dixon and Yon are aware that radio of radionewz published the document online without redacting anything. Now, the question remains as who?
we have discounted, 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Now two left.. If anyone in this world of crazy internet things that tim holmseth would have given that or any document to radionewz, or to levi.. then your running on the insane gas.. you can bet your life on it..
6 is also discounted.
it only leaves one.. #5. now if that is the case, whom did she send it to?? friends with radio that we thought was radio at least, friends with levi.. But there is confirmation in the court records as to whom she was friends with and quite possible faxed or emailed the documents to, who supplied them for radio and then levi.. When an investigation is complete into this situation, and murt explains to the authorities his part in this.. the last person in question will be revealed. By the way.. I never had access to any of these documents.. there are things that are never shared. And not found on websites. Well except for the gal report that is also suppose to be sealed that radio posted on Google documents. She documents were posted.

google drive


Well, murt its very very odd.. Its the first time in history that McKee and I have agreed about anything.. I didn’t threaten you at all when I reminded you, that republishing the information and using the child’s name and details might well get you into trouble. You see, Levi and whomever gave it to him will suffer their own fate.. It will come back and bite them in the ass.. But, do you really wish to suffer the same fate? Why would you want to cause pain to these children on a case that was resolved 2 years ago. A resolved case from 2 years ago.. you want to retry in the public eye. This will come to no good end Murt. A case that you have already seen the documentation proving that it was a ruse, it never occurred.. And you still published this to punish whom? Levi? Timothy Holmseth? The Holmseth children? After the years you were accused of being a SO, and you had to scream your innocence over and over again.. You do the same thing to a 16 year old girl. Am I appalled.. Oh yea.. and still ask why you’ve done this.. And it seems others are asking the same questions.

So bottom line michelle McKee.. just because you didn’t see me jumping up and down and making demands, doesn’t mean they were not there, and apparently your unaware of how things are done to set other people up.. and this was a setup McKee.. a setup for me.. and a setup for Holmseth.. and now I know who apparently controls Murt.. What have they got on you Murt? And was the McKee threats also a setup? As I said the other day Murt.. Maybe the Michelle McKee on twitter is not the real Michelle McKee…. never know now do we? So many fakes and phoneys on twitter.

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