Another Sock Puppet

22 Aug

As usual someone either must be very bored with their life, or just not enough work to keep them busy.. which every one. This is equal to the executionerreal, or aka executioner.. or any of the other 150 fake twitter accounts that have appeared over the last 3 years. Spends alot of time collect email address’s, so it can use its proxy account to continue making up twitter accounts. Wonder if twitter has any idea how many accounts they could actually delete and find that out of probably 10 accounts it belongs to one person. Now the person who is trolling and making an ass out of itself on twitter these last few days thinks it has no restrictions in this world.. does what it wants to do, takes what it wants, and abuses the hell out of people.. Yep, that describes them alright.. So, lets do a comparison… here.. and note as soon as one was suspended from twitter the other popped up, but made two very serious mistakes when it did.. 1. stole a photo from my blog account, and 2. called me by my first name.. I know who that is, and they wanted me to know.. Both are proven to be one person, and I know who that person is.. I do hope that person realizes that Blaiss has been encouraged to contact the Orange County Sheriff, to handle the doxing.. and that Twitter is on the case.. won’t take long and guess who might be exposed?

doxing 1

crazy one

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