The should I leave Poll

21 Aug

Just for Michelle Mcnutt, Mcgreggors has issued a poll for those on twitter who wish to take the poll and see the results. Now Michelle, this may give you the confidence to really believe it is about time for you to just up and go away.. No.. we won’t miss you. We will have a party and celebrate your absence. Don’t get soft about this Michelle.. There will be no shedding of tears on your final posting. In fact, I can honestly see many people just rofltao.. Be too.. I know for a fact, the only thing Murt will miss is his constant having to write blogs defending himself..


Now we need to take time, allow people to cast their votes.. And please read the last poll question in its entirety.. It would well mean a very peaceful time on Twitter, if they all leave. So, Michelle be a good Pied Piper and play your little tune and take them with you..

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