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The last four years people who disagree on topics such as the concept of missing children being alive versus murdered, have been deemed as wearers of tin hats. The issue of conspiracy theories has been a major accusation and topic. 

In all honesty, the accusations towards Murt over the last 5 years, has been a conspiracy theory..  Now of course it depends on who is who in these topics as to who is the conspiracy theorist and who has the right to be..  Its perfectly alright for those who accuse Murt to be conspiracy theorist, yet it not alright for say Tim Holmseth to believe in the issues he does.. therefore he has been deemed a conspiracy theorist and with him.. oooh  that’s bad,  yet with the others its perfect okay in fact its normal..  Confused yet..

Well, start by doing a bit of reading over at Murts and listen to his story.. And remember the further back you go the names are all revealed, the last name on this list is not that familiar with anyone, to this story she is important.  One must also realize she had or has a relationship with McKee and Goddard, and Murt at one time made contact with this one through the other two. 

1. Michelle Mckee

2. Alexandria Goddard aka Prinnie

3. Diane Napolis

So, for the next few moments, welcome to the world you don’t want to know is really out there, and remember you never know who is involved with these people or why.


ImageSo this was the weapon used by what has commonly been referred to as the crazy’s.. The Tin foil hats,  conspiracy theorist,  In fact this is an active part of their lives.. 

Somehow the site listed below is going to be a place of interest for this conversation..  Dig too deep into this and the information you might harvest and it gets a bit deep..  So only discuss this place with someone who is equal to your intelligence and uses a great deal of common sense..  But don’t linger nor join..

My Experience With Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set/MK ULTRA Cult

Jul 31, 2012 – 31 posts – ‎6 authors

Fear completely controlled my sleep.” A cult personality or demon was engaging him often and it was weakening my little wounded warrior”.”


Now, Lets discuss the one and only Diane No  who is she?  why should any of us pay attention to this information obtained about her?  You decide..

Diana Napolis .. 

Diana Louisa Napolis
Born La Mesa, California
Nationality  American
Known for Celebrity stalking regarding satanic cults and mind control

Diana Louisa Napolis,also known by her on-line pseudonym Karen Curio Jones  or more often simply Curio,is an American former social worker who harassed individuals she believed connected to satanic ritual abuse allegations. Napolis was also charged with stalking film director Steven Speilberg and making death threats against Jennifer Love-Hewitt.


Yes, that is getting pretty deep into this issue isn’t it?  And she was involved with McKee and also Murt admits to having met with her..   And that involved a conversation Murt had with the woman who was responsible for catching Napolis in the act and exposing her.  What was her blessings in life thereafter.. Oh, harassed, threatened, life destruction even moved to Mexico and it didn’t stop the crazy’s from chasing her.

Here is the explanatory article:

“Satanic ritual abuse harassment


Main article: Satanic ritual abuse


Napolis originally worked as a child protection worker for nearly ten years (leaving the position in 1996), becoming involved in the satanic ritual abuse (SRA) allegations that arose in the early 1980s. Napolis believed the phenomenon was true and that those who had discredited the phenomenon were themselves child abusers and engaged in a conspiracy to deconceal their activities from the public.  Posting under the screen name “Curio”, Napolis began a pattern of harassment against those she believed were involved in the conspiracy. Among those she targeted were Carol Hopkins, a school administrator who was part of a grand jury in San Diego, California that criticized social workers for removing children from their home without reason; Elizabeth Loftus, a professor who studied memory who believed coercive questioning techniques by poorly-trained investigators led to young children making false allegations of child sexual abuse; and Michael Aquino, openly a member of the Satanic church and a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army Reserve against whom accusations of SRA were made but dropped as the accusations proved to be impossible. Using public computers in internet cafes and libraries, Napolis concealed her identity for five years while continuing to post information on-line about those she believed involved in the conspiracy. In 2000, Napolis was tracked and caught by Michelle Devereaux and the San Diego State University police posting information as Curio on-line. No charges were filed, but by revealing her identity those Napolis had harassed ceased to consider her a serious threat The story was reported in The San Diego Union-Tribune, which was added to her on-line list of harassing parties.”


Now delve into the darkness:

As you read, check the dates closely.. Yes Diana is still active on the web, and her concepts have not changed much..   Want to read the book written which Diana is well mentioned..  

Cyberstalking: Harassment in the Internet Age and how to Protect Your Family

 By Paul Bocij

Golly, maybe we should all set up and pay attention to this book, I wonder if by chance Paul  had met McKee, or Prinnie or Holly or even the others..  Or

The Day Care Ritual Abuse Moral Panic

 By Mary De Young


What should the book about Murt and his abuse be called in the Future?

“The Attempted Destruction of Orlando Man, accused of Sexually abusing children”?

Have you noted yet, that all of these issues have to do with

A. Children

B. Sexual Issues

C. People accused as Predators

D. Harassment direct at People who do not believe or follow the path they set up.

E. The Internet

18-07-2008, 03:22 AM
My name is Diana Napolis. I used to be a child abuse investigator with a specialization in the investigation of ritual abuse of children. Michael Aquino and I clashed on the internet years ago and I have alleged that he then targeted me with nonlethal technology.
I filed a federal lawsuit several months ago and service to the parties is still pending.
If anyone is interested, please see my web page for the details.
Diana Napolis”

“Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive

by Diana Napolis, M.A., Copyright 2000 – 2010

The following archive is the work of Diana Napolis, M.A., who is copyright owner, and is solely responsible for its content.

The following cases describe legal proceedings held in Juvenile, Family, Civil and Criminal Courts around the world where there have been allegations of Satanism or the use of Ritual to abuse others.
Any religion or organization can be used as a front to hide ritual abuse activity, including Christianity, Buddhism, Shamanism, Hinduism, Masonry, Mormonism, Pagan and Satanic religions; however, not all Satanists commit crimes and not all occultism is Satanism. It is imperative that investigators and professionals familiarize themselves with cross-cultural belief systems so as not to target any particular group.

This document will have regular updates; this present version is current as of July 10, 2007. It is recommended that this archive be used as a resource only and original documents be obtained from Lexis/Nexus or West-law with the assistance of an attorney. If the reader does not have access to legal searches, or if there are any updates to these cases, contact the author at:
6977 Navajo Rd. PMB 114, San Diego, California 92119-1503″

The issues to point out.. When I look at those who follow and were and are involved with Diana Napolis,  I become concerned for others well being, since I see irrational behavior..   Yet, on the web we found extremest in Religion who follow Napolis and promote her writings and works.
How about advance Educational Forums..  or
_____________________________________________>Does anyone else see anything wrong with that picture?? And it is quite easy to understand how irrational and mentally disturbed people might well follow her workings also.. Which would explain how McKee and Goddard became involved, and practing along with the other crazy’s the same exact methods of stalking and harassing others.  Fake police reports, spoof phone calls threatening and harassing, accusations dealing with others sanity, issues of conspiracy, sexual accusations, and comments, issues dealing with children.. either molested, assaulted or missing. My point, once associated.. always associated and they carry the torch further. 
So what does this have to do with conspiracy theories and say Tim Holmseth,  If you watch the twitter or blog carefully, you’ll find commentaries that are thrown in other peoples directions, yet in reality it is truly going on in their very own lives.  Its the twist of reality.  An absolute lack of imagination going on,  they have actually ran out of abusive comments to throw, and their own problems weigh so deeply on their minds.
Or take a trip down the rabbit hole while reading this……
Now raise your eyebrows to AstroTurfing  This man took them on and won?  I don’t know what he won, but its his claim not mine..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Diana Napolis, M.A.


This site is dedicated to Jack Aldrich of the CIA.
And back to the land of Conspiracy and Godlike productions…..

[ WARNING ] GLP / Godlikeproductions = GOVERNMENT…/warning-glp-godlikeproductions-government-intellig/

Apr 5, 2013 – Well ZERO POINT LTD / Jason Lucas = AKA ^TrInItY^ has started to move on me using what appears to be a trademark lawyer in Washington 


Breaking News: GLP Down-glp Down, Raid on Zeropoint Ltd. – Godlike

Feb 28, 2013 – 1 post – ‎1 author

Today Godlikeproduction conspiracy forum has gone down again. Reports are filtering in that a 1.8 Trillion dollar RED button was pushed by 

Now, meet Rev Richard Grund..

The Caylee Anthony Murder Case and the Strange Connection to the Nephilim Rh Negative Blood Type

(If you don’t know what the Nephilim are.. Google it.. )


So who is Richard Grund?  and yes its the same one involved in the Anthony case.

“He was an actor, he played bit parts in Miami Vice with Don Johnson, years prior.. spent some 30 years in the entertainment business..  He was a self proclaimed satanist for some years, and now he is a self proclaimed Pentecostal Minister,  who says he can cast out demons as head of an exorcism group he calls the “Supernatural Response Team.”


So, is the hair on your head beginning to stand up straight?  how about your hinky meters.   You also need to think about some of these other people attached to all of those I’ve mentioned.  If out of one side of its mouth it talks of Church and God, and out of the other side of its mouth, it says you need to kill yourself..   You need to stop, think real fast and realize what your listening to, and either delete, block, report it, turn it off.. refuse to listen.. never give it your name, phone number or email address, and never let that monster or any of the others it associates with into your life or home..  Got it? 

And Poor Murt has managed to be touched by each and everyone of them,  I certainly would not call that good luck..   I see them all as a group.. and each one will protect the rest. No matter what it takes, and they don’t stop.



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