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We find Wild Mustangs can be found from Coast to Coast across this vast country, and from Mexico to Canada..  Beautiful, untamed, and unclaimed..  Best description I have found is the  “Wild Spirit of the West”.   They have cars named for the Mustangs, Clubs, football teams,  and even Ranches..  Of Course some of the Ranches aren’t working ranches, but I do anticipate most of my readers aren’t interested in details.. So take it as it is..

When I was growing up in New Mexico, we had a herd of Wild Mustangs that ran through the area..  They would stop and let you feed them, but of course it was always on their terms as to eating from your hand or trying to eat your hand..  ImageImageImageImage

As you can tell the Spirit is always within the horse, and its the horse that chooses to be near a human, or trust a human.   Which is a wise choice indeed,   trust or not to trust.

You know I found a comment the other day, can’t tell you where, and I can’t tell you who made the comment.. But I will add the comment and allow you to see the same impact that I saw..  And so wondered if the person commenting, needs others to hold their hand and help them down the path they have had to travel..

“To All my great friends past & present.
10 September 2012 at 04:28
Sorry to redacted, redacted and especially redacted, who I got to know again and appreciate redacted..
Got back to redacted @2:30 am on 9/5. Room not ready so got to bed @ about 5:30. Had to file 5 pleadings, one major, in court by 9 pm that night.

This has been going on for over 2 years w/ 4 law firms (2 big ones) showering me w/ motions/pleadings and coordinated to try to break me. That is why my health is such that I lost 45 lbs & half my muscle mass in 9 weeks starting 5/21/12. That is why they are testing me for 3 major types of cancer. Thank God, 2 have been ruled out after extensive testing. – redacted – Worked almost all day Saturday. Have major & crucial court appearance this afternoon. My Mom has such bad arthritis that I have to do all of the typing and I’m terrible @ it.

Appreciate and value all who have done friend requests and posted messages. Those are the reasons there has been no quick response. Has been going on for over 6 years. Will end w/in a year, or sooner if I don’t make it. We are facing the most evil, immoral and ruthless people imaginable. Hitler level is not an exaggeration. So thanks everyone for your patience & understanding.”

So, I guess, this would be the time to track the author of this comment, offering a helping hand, yet its been a year since the midst of the struggle, and the big legal issues were coming to a head in January 2013.. So, maybe life has eased for this person.

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