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People seem to pick and choose their Hero’s,  based on emotion or facts..   So, lets take a visual on what is a Hero?

Our Forefathers were hero’s, those who fought during the Revolutionary War..  Those who fought the War of 1812,  the Indian Wars..

Then of course the Tex-Mex War, where most Texan’s think that war was only fought by Texans,  yet it was just actually fought by the  Citizens who had sworn allegiance to Mexico to acquire property to settle in Te-has, and by all of the American citizens who acquired passports to enter Te-has to fight.   You might take a peek at the list of the troops who fought and where they were from.  By the way one of the biggest issues that caused that war, wasn’t just the attack at the Alamo, it was the issues over Slavery.. You see the Mexican Government would allow the settlers to bring in their slaves, but had to release them completely after a 10 year period.  Now, if you’re having issues in the States, and talk about anti-slavery, and you’ve heard about this new place to settle and keep your slaves in tact.. well they migrated.. But it was already set in place to spoil their dreams.

There was and still is,  a controversy as far as Native Americans are concerned for the Indian Wars. You see the Trail of Tears in 1839 was a no win situation for Native Americans. But of course it opened up land which belonged to the Natives, in NC, SC, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi.

Next we have a Country divided, and it depends on what side of the Mason Dixon line you were born and raised as to who was and who wasn’t a Hero..  And in the midst the Indian wars broke out in the west..   Now, have you ever heard of the Galvanized Soldiers?  Well, this is the way it went. The Union did not have enough troops to fight both the Confederates and the Indians..  So,  many of the Confederate Soldiers in prison up north were given an option.  They would be pardoned, if they swore allegiance to the Union, dawned a Union uniform and went west to fight the Indian wars for a min of  2 years.  Once they completed that period of time, they would be released from the military and would be free to do what they wanted as long as they did not take up arms again against the Union.   One such young man was named Joel Alford,  from Richmond County, NC.  He had joined the Confederate Army when the war broke out,  8 months into service he received notice that his wife had given birth to their son, so he went AWOL to visit his wife and son.   Heading back to his regiment,  Alford disappeared, the family never heard of him again.. Assumed his was dead, killed during the war.   Surprise,  Alford was captured and was in Prison in Illinois,  he was given the option of joining the Union and fighting in the Indian Wars out west, which he took the option and spent the next few years in Colorado fighting Indians.  After, leaving the Union Army,  it is unknown where he headed.  But he never returned to North Carolina.   So was he a Hero or a Traitor?


Next we’re hit with WWI.   Hero’s they left and Hero’s they returned.  WW2, again Hero’s they left and Hero’s the returned.  Korea Hero’s they left and Hero’s they returned.



Then we head into Vietnam..  Husbands, Fathers and Sons went to Vietnam.


gulf war 1




Now that you have seen what I consider as Hero’s, lets look at today’s popular choice.. And please explain to me why  or how anyone would consider these equal to wear the title Hero?







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