03 Jun

My golly ole rodeo was  struggling to come up with an impressive blog and posted that sucker online..   U know how rodeo is.. if rodeo says the sky is going to be purple and orange in the morning, then by Golly Molly that sky better turn those colors or rodeo will dox the weatherman and spread every bit of the nasty she/he/it can find.

So, on your last little blog, tell me rodeo what happened?  It disappeared..

The Whole Story Here:

I wondered who would have acquired the information that was posted online, must have got a cc from the registrar as U referred to it as..  And why does the comment, about people laughing at others ring a bell.  Oh lets see, law enforcement and detectives laughs when they receive information from me, FBI laughs if I or known associates contact them with info.

Law Enforcement doesn’t care about whats on the internet..  The one primary question that I have always wanted an answer for.. Rodeo, how do you know what cops are interested in or not?  You’ve never been one, now have U?  Yep the street guys are generally busy working the initial reported criminal acts.. Murder, Thief, Domestic Violence, Traffic..  Doesn’t mean if they find criminal activity on the web that they won’t report it or make every effort to stop it.. After all ya know it all goes along with the oath they took when sworn in.  And one of the, apparently forgotten aspects is that the public is also encouraged to do civic duty and report criminal activity, and report criminals to Law Enforcement.  Being Law Biding is a state of Mind.

Anyway. lets go back to the topic.. I would venture that posting that blog rodeo was a grand stand attempt to dox someone wasn’t it.. After all, all your gurl friends have taken off for the high road and aren’t down there in the trenches with you, after all U posted that yourself how your troll gurl friends just up and ran away..  Leaving only the rodeo to stand fight alone.. oh the tears you must have shed knowing they had deserted U.  But, U stood up and setup another blog and threw all of your brains into it, no realizing your a little short on marbles, since they have been falling out recently..

Now, tell rodeo what did it feel like to pull up that link to set and read your master piece, and get the same message the rest of the world got?

“ is no longer available.
This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
For more information and to contact us please read this support document.”

Now rodeo, U cannot tell me that was not an oh shit MOMENT !!  But how could this happen?  U did your best and after all, how many blogs have you put out over the last 4 years that was never stopped, suspended or taken off the web?  I mean, U own the web remember..  U get to try to ruin peoples lives, because they don’t agree with U.. Civil Rights, oh the general public are Putz in Rodeo’s eyes.. They have no rights, because rodeo doesn’t allow them to have rights..

Oh but we know rodeo won’t quit  now, grabbing her box of wine.. but with such a lack of imagination, what will U do now?  Set up another Blog..  You have to realize, eventually even WordPress will get wise.. and the minute you start they will be snuffing them out.

Rodeo, U do realize that eventually,  someone up on the .gov level is going to have a long talk with that registrar who was setting there laughing, you must have been on the phone with them, by the way isn’t this the same way you described the staff members at the other web providers and at cloudflare when you were having to change providers so much, because you claimed Brianna was after you and making constant complaints..  Or was it their shutting you down because of the numerous complaints?  Question, why did you go offshore about the same time Prinnie did with her web site? Was she already aware that problems in the legal world were pointed at her, and U knew they would eventually point at U?  U know one of the primary issues that LE deal with is INTENT..  Do you know what that means and why?  If you don’t, I do believe it behooves U to find out.

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