02 Jun

Oh me or my, I know how you hate to have to go online and do research.. so time consuming rodeo..  Yet, it might be to your benefit to do so at times, cause ole gurl.. I think you might want to start having an “OH SHIT MOMENT”..  You see by 2010, Google was working with Government agency’s, and they even created new aps for their cell phones.

NOT Bullshitting there Ole gurl..  So, have little bit of a read here….

“Late last year, for instance, the U.S. General Services Administration, which supports and manages federal agencies, announced that it was moving all of its approximately 17,000 workers to the cloud, and to Gmail in particular. The U.S. State Department, NASA and the Army also have moved some of their email services to Gmail.”

Oh my, could it possible be that the Justice Department has also gone to Gmail?  Since there are contracts signed by the Government as a whole.. Oh my gosh.. I can see it now..

rodeo spitting that nasty box wine all over her darned  “BLACKBERRY”,  I’m sure if it freezes up, your carrier – what was it Verizon, will be happy to replace it for you.. just tell them you had an oh shit moment..So your latest declaration.. might well be something you made a big mistake in doing, now who’s humping who’s leg?  Think you’ve been humping  pops leg and giving him the wrong advice.  OH my, shall we bring back the wolf?   So, ole gurl .. maybe there are things out there in the real world, past your box wine that you could learn from…


Oh by the way rodeo, I forgot to tell u one of my little secrets.. my son in law use to be a web master for the Army, when he was stationed at Bragg and then Iraq. U should have ask me these things before you got so damn nasty with me.. putz..

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