01 Jun

Rodeo, we see your vague attempts to carry on ALONE.. I can hardly imaging what it must feel like for you at this point, when all of ur troll buddies, turned and ran away.. Now, oddly enough that is rather strange isn’t.  You were there for prinnie when they were chasing her with subpoenas, and she was hiding out, but staying in communication with good ole rodeo.. U and levi and the other trolls helped collect donations for Prinnie, and if I remember correctly it was DJay that posted that a million was collected, and thanks  to “redacted” green fried tomatoes that it took it over the million.  You guys worked so hard, then we found out that it had to do with bully-ville?  Tell me rodeo, what did you guys do with all that money?  split it up?  who got how much?  gave some to a domestic violence shelter, surely you paid taxes on that money right?  You know.. even if you didn’t raise that much and Donna was just running her mouth, still gonna end up having to explain it to the irs.. Gonna happen ya know..  But that comment made by your good ole buddy Donna, that you have been kind of rough on of late telling her to stfu alot, is going to cause people in troll-ville a few problems.. And who put U there.. yourselves.. no one else..

Its no one else fault but your own..  So how does it feel to be deserted by your troll army you had.. Must be difficult trying to keep up with all those twitter accounts you have and the blog and posting comments.. Just pretty close to a brain burn huh..  Make it worse that damn box wine, I’ve warned you about.. that stuff is gonna fry your brain.. But you keep on Pouring it down..  So here we are rodeo..  asking you.. “Are you lonely tonight”?


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