30 May

Murt, I wanted to bring it to your attention, that rodeo seems to have some fantasy’s over you, i noted that in every post of you, rodeo dresses you in women’s clothing and or has you naked.

Not being an old spinster myself, its hard for me to rationalize just whats going through ole rodeos mind..  Men have to be dressed like women, or images with their pants down going to the bathroom.  And the jealous rage it went through over your lady..  Apparently, the intent was to drive her away.

Now seriously rodeo, do you need to visit with a head doctor, I would prefer that it was one who shrunk heads, but we must be civilized about this and suggest a shrink, nor a shrinker.

Yep, the conclusion by popular vote.. Rodeo has the hotz for Murt.. And I know that Murt does not have the same feeling for ole rodeo..  Isn’t there a man anywhere around your location rodeo that you can chase around the table trying to put bras and panties on and give Murt a break.. He spends most of his time on your blog stripped down to his skives and sometimes I worry your gonna snatch those off of him.  Maybe levi will let you chase him, and you can proudly call yourself an ole spinster cougar and just get it to hell out of your system..


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