30 May

My goodness rodeo.. you go private yet proxy picks up everything you say and damned if it isn’t in German.. Odd isn’t it..  By the way that’s on the other side of the Pond !!  Are we surprised that posting on your twitter would show up in German.. Naw.. not a bit..

By the way on one of your latest tid bits, you said you came racing in from Arizona and since you changed time zone’s.. Damned if you can’t tell day from night..   Quite odd, since  you only changed 2 time zones which total up to the time aspects.. Its now 8:25am in Atlanta, and a whopping big 5:25am in Arizona .. Well Navajo have it as 6:25am..


Now Lucille Ball and your comic routine, explainnne  how you could get your dayz and nightz mixed up on a what 3.75 hour flight?   Or were you really crossing the pond.. to get such jet lag..  Stories as usual rodeo just don’t quite make sense..  Maybe you were driving and you drove at night and sleep during the day? Right… Wanna see even you want to chance driving 66 in the middle of the night.. And across Texas is different a day time job.. Or haven’t U heard about driving across Texas at night?   Anyway Rodeo.. you can revise your story at any point and time.. Image



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